How Much Money Can My Franchise Make?

April 21, 2022

While franchising offers plenty of benefits, the number one significant benefit of having a franchise is profitability. So, the one-million-dollar question that most people will naturally ask is how much money sub franchises make? The answer most franchise companies will give is that the money you make depends on several factors. These factors will include:

The Expertise of the Franchise Owner

Running any business, especially a franchise business, requires more than just the necessary capital to make the business successful. So, here are five skills you need as a franchise owner.

Marketing Skills:

You need to know how to sell your products and services as laid out by your franchise company. No matter how experienced or educated you are, knowing how your sales and marketing strengths can help you focus on growing your franchise business to greater heights.

Business mentality:

For your franchise business to grow, you need to see yourself as an owner rather than an employee. Having a business mentality allows you to focus on growing your business. You also get to know how to manage and delegate responsibilities, as you need a team to grow your business.

Follow a System:

You need to follow a system, especially the well-honed systems the franchise business has developed over time. So, if you are good at following procedures and rules, owning a franchise business will be an ideal fit for you. It will also significantly increase your chance of success as an entrepreneur. 


One massive benefit of owning a franchise business is that you are guaranteed to benefit from the franchisor’s customer loyalty. And while that does help your business grow, you cannot do all the work alone, which is what makes your workforce a vital part of your company’s growth. 

Therefore, ensure that you hire qualified employees who offer quality service and ultimately manage your business operations optimally. 

Stock Control

One of the few things a franchise will advise a franchisee on is how to control their stock and minimize inventory costs. Having stock control will also help meet client demand and ensure your business meets its adequate stock turn. 

If you aren’t able to control your stock, then that can significantly jeopardize the success of your business. So, if you are committed to minimizing your operational costs without compromising the quality of service you offer, your business can achieve a higher profit. 

Repairing and Maintaining expenses

Your business equipment will, at some point, experience wear and tear, and you will have to take care of fixing broken equipment eventually. However, most people don’t realize that maintenance and repair are an investment. Most franchise businesses prefer to repair their equipment on the spot rather than wait for the expenses and repairs to pile up.

But, what makes a difference between a successful franchise business and a not-so-successful one is that they have figured out how to repair their equipment without ranking up higher costs down the line.

Cost and Sales of Services or Goods

It’s important to note that not every sale indicates your prospective earning potential as a franchise business. Most franchisors can offer you some clue about what you may expect, but that may sometimes not be the case for your business. 

Like any other business, franchise businesses may have some good years and several slow years. But, by establishing your prospective earning potential, you can increase your likelihood of having a successful business. 

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Paying Rent

Most franchise businesses require a fixed location to operate. And unless you own the land or are looking into purchasing property, paying rent might be the right thing to do. Paying rent is an expense that can significantly dent your business growth if not managed adequately. So, try to come up with a way to ensure that the running of your business doesn’t get too expensive for you.


Most franchise opportunities worldwide choose to collect royalty fees, while others do. For franchise businesses that do collect, they ensure that they do collect a reduced amount for some time. This move helps franchise owners get their feet wet while building their experience It also allows them to gradually establish their profit margins and grow their business.

It’s no secret that buying a franchise business is an excellent idea. However, for you to make money off it, you need to ensure that the factors above are in place. Every factor above matters; therefore, ensure you take them into consideration every time you open or run your franchise business.

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