Top 3 Ways to Download Movies for Offline Viewing

By Ankit
February 19, 2021

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Report says that “Due to pandemic Covid-19 that has badly shaken the world, 80% of moviegoers are afraid to return to cinema halls”

And I think the situation is going to remain the same for at least the rest of the 2020. 

Adding to the declining popularity of the movie halls, people have started diverting towards the online mediums to get their dose of entertainment. Moreover, every other day a new movie, web series, or shows is releasing on these platforms making it more accessible and convenient to get entertained. 

So if you are on the hunt to find out some legal and working ways to download movies on a laptop, PC, or mobile, your search ends here.

IMPORTANT- Downloading free movies online means that you can only access movies that fall under the public domain. As the copyright is no longer held by an individual and the public has the complete right to watch and download these movies as much as you want and that too legally. 

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Popular and Working Ways to Download Movies 

In this guide, you will find the information about downloading movies to your computer, laptop, or mobile using free movie sites, subscription service, and Bit Torrent.

Note- Downloading protected content that you don’t have the right to download is considered the violation of copyright law in most of the countries. 

Method-1 Free Movie Sites

It has never been easier to download movies for free with no registration or paying a penny. You must have tried looking for the movie links on Google to download them and ended up finding it a spam. 

To your surprise, many movie sites offer free movie downloads and the options include The Internet Archive, Free Movies Cinema, and Vimeo

I am going to explain how you can use the most popular option that is ‘The Internet Archive’ to download movies.

The internet archive offers a lot of free movie downloads from a variety of genres like comedy, horror, sci-fi, and foreign films. The site lets you download movies in several formats that can be easily played on a video player such as VLC

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  • First of all, visit the free movie site in your web browser and look for the movie you want using the ‘Search this collection’ box given on the left side of the page or browse through the available content.

  • Once you open the movie you want to download, on the right side of the screen, you will see if the download facility is available and what are the options. You may get to choose from low (360 dpi) to high (1080 dpi) resolution, and different file formats, such as MP4, MP2, WMV, or MOV but that may not be the case for every movie.

  • The next step is to select the format and download the movie by taking the mouse over its name and clicking on the downward arrow that shows up. 

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  • The movie will start downloading and once it downloads completely, you can watch it on your computer. To watch it on your mobile, you may be required to add it via iTunes, Google Drive, or a similar cloud-based service.

Pros and Cons of the Internet Archive
Pros- You get exceptional movies, millions of videos, quite a lot of filtering options, a variety of formats, and movies in different languages.
Cons- It doesn’t have the latest and popular movies.

Method-2 Bit Torrent

It is one of the most effective and popular ways to download movies online for free and watch them at the time of your choice. You will need a BitTorrent program to download and a BitTorrent search engine website to find the movie. The popular options include- uTorrent, qBittorrent, Transmission, and Deluge.

Note- Downloading a movie you haven’t purchased legally is considered a violation of copyright laws in most of the countries and you can face severe repercussions for it. While using BitTorrent, your IP address is visible and you may face penalties from your ISP.

Public Domain Torrents is a good option to download legal movies using BitTorrent. Here is how to download:

  • You can browse through the movies available to download by browsing the top twenty or newest twenty, genres, or showing a list of all the movies.

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  • Using the torrent client, you can simply download the movie in the AVI or MP4 format.

Pros and Cons of the Public Domain Torrents
Pros- thousands of free movies in multiple video formats, browse movies by genre, and other criteria.
Cons- Website faces glitches sometimes

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Method-3 Subscription Services

Movie subscription services are all over these days and if you don’t mind paying some bucks for high-quality latest movies, you get a lot on the table. Here are some of the options that you can look out for:


YouTube holds a lot in it when it comes to entertainment. You can watch movies for free there but if you want to download them, YouTube Premium subscription is all you need. Just browse through the content available and select the one you want to download. If you want to download the free content on your mobile or computer, you can use the third-party free movie download sites such as, 4K Video Downloader, etc. 


Netflix is all the rage these days; all because of the latest content it offers. From movies to web series, it has enough to make you get addicted to it. You can easily download the Netflix movies on your mobile or computer (using the Windows 10 app). You will find a down arrow icon next to a download-supported video as all the content available there can’t be downloaded. 

Amazon Prime Video

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If you have bought the subscription for Amazon Prime Video, you will find a sea full of movies. To download the video, you can look for the ‘Download’ option on the screen where the video is streaming.


Disney+ is another platform that lets you watch and download movies for free online through a subscription. To download the movies from Disney+ use the download button given in the app and access the downloaded videos later in the ‘Download’ tab.

Some other subscription services that are available and let you download movies include Hulu, VUDU, etc. 

If you aren’t interested in buying the movie, platforms like Apple iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, and others offer them on rent as well. Rental pricing and terms may vary, so make sure to compare them to get the best deal. Rental movies get removed from your device once the rental period is over.

Pros and Cons of Subscription Services
Pros- High-quality movies, latest movies, save downloads directly on your mobile device
Cons- Downloaded Videos can only be viewed in the specific app

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