Top 13 Free Movies Streaming Sites With Honest Reviews

By Ankit
March 15, 2023

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This post is not sponsored by any of the listed sites and the reviews are truly honest, based on our own experience with all of the mentioned options.

All of the sites are working and safe to use, but we recommend you to use and then form an opinion. However, we have mentioned everything necessary to help you make a quick selection. 

What Have We Included?

We have used three major factors for each entry:

  1. Website Link in the name 
  2. Monthly Visitors
  3. Ad annoyance rating from 1-10 (where  is the best and 10 shows worst) 
  4. Review

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List of Best Free Movie Streaming Sites

    Monthly Visitors: 500,000

      Ad Annoyance rating: 6/10

          AZ Movies is famous for steaming high-quality movies in 1080p and 720p. This free streaming website has over a thousand movies in every genre such as Horror, Drama, Romance, Action, Sci-fi, War, Thriller, Sports, Mystery, Tragedy, Mythology, Comedy, Children, Web series, TV series and more. This website is a treat for movie lovers as they can find their favorite movies in the blink of an eye.  

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          This site has a simple yet attractive interface that helps users to navigate and find the latest movies on this website at free of cost. No sign up, no registration or subscription just visit the website, find the one and click on it, and you are good to go. AZ Movies has more than 500000-monthly visitors, it says all why it is the top free movie website and the number 1 on our list.  

              Monthly Visitors: 213,000

                Ad Annoyance rating: 4/10

                    Tubi is another popular website for streaming free Movies and TV Shows without spending a single penny. You can watch thousands of hit movies and TV series in 100% legal way. With the 4,665 Alexa rank, Tubi became the largest free streaming service that provides high definition movies and TV series. 

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                    Tubi has something for everyone from kids to adults, the movies list features the latest movies, TV shows, Korean dramas, anime, and British series. Moreover, you can download various mediums such as Amazon app store, Roku Channel list, Apple App Store, and Google Play Store. More than 213000 subscribers hit Tubi TV every month and experience the best quality movies.

                        Monthly Visitors: 236,000

                          Ad Annoyance rating: 6/10

                              Another online movie streaming gem, SolarMovie is the latest website of our list and gained popularity with high-definition streaming and great movie collection. This website is hit by more than 236000 visitors every single month and it’s a huge deal for any newbie. You will get the movies from every genre from comedy to romance, action, horror, and more. Also, featured the latest TV series in different languages. 

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                              SolarMovie has global reach and provides the option of watching movies according to the country such as Asia, India, Korea, Japan, Thailand, the United Kingdom, France, Hongkong, and others. You can easily filter the category including genre and years, which makes your user-experience pleasant.  

                                  Monthly Visitors: 64,000

                                    Ad Annoyance rating: 6/10

                                        123Movies has a great list of movies and is widely popular among the online movie streamers. It has quite a plain interface that helps you find the best pick from the huge collection. All movies stream in 1080p without any pop-up and ad. Apart from the latest movies, it has an enormous collection of TV shows from different languages. 

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                                        If you always wonder Where can I watch the latest movies for free? This free online movie website allows you to watch movies in just one click, all you need is to sign up free of cost and enjoy watching movies biggest collection of new television shows and movies as it’s a completely safe place and 100% legal. However, it is recommended to use the VPN service before watching movies on this platform.

                                            Monthly Visitors: 150,000

                                              Ad Annoyance rating: 4/10

                                                  GoStream is a simple and straightforward movie streaming service to watch tons of free movies online. It features heaps of films, TV shows for every genre such as animation, action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Romance, Mystery and more in 720p definition. Every video is free from ads and doesn’t need any kind of device to watch movies or TV shows. 

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                                                  It’s a perfect place where you can enjoy the interesting content without interruption. The navigation panel of this website is loaded with Genre, Most viewed, Top IMDB and this helps you pick the best option from the massive collection of movies.

                                                      Monthly Visitors: 30,000

                                                        Ad Annoyance rating: 5/10

                                                            IMDb TV is a popular mainstream website owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. It has an enormous collection of free movies, TV shows, documentaries, and IMDb original shows. IMDb TV was a fan-based website, later purchased by Amazon, and turned into a great way to access movies. 

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                                                            This website doesn’t restrict users to movies and streaming services but also provides movie reviews, filmography of actors, and the latest box office collection. However, to watch movies on IMDb TV, you just need to sign up, and no subscription is required like Netflix. You can easily watch movies with the IMDb TV app on your mobile device, tablet, and computer.

                                                                Monthly Visitors: 1,000+

                                                                  Ad Annoyance rating: 3/10

                                                                      MovieStars is the latest horse in the movie streaming niche. But it is giving great competition with its amazing collection of Movies. “MovieStars” has one of the simplest user interfaces allowing you to pick the movies without any hustle. The giant search bar on the homepage takes you directly to the movie which you want. Apart from this, you can search movies according to Genre, Year, Country, and more. 

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                                                                      Just a simple sign up process opens the gate to watch the movies in 1080p definition. While watching the movies, it gives the Turn on/off feature which removes the background color and gives full HD screen experience.

                                                                          Monthly Visitors: 16,000

                                                                            Ad Annoyance rating: 5/10

                                                                                Streamm4U is another great option to watch the ultimate collection of movies from different genres. It is very easy to find your favorite movie using the search bar, but if you have nothing on your mind and want some suggestions, you can go to the “Recommended”  menu and select an option from the listed movies. 

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                                                                                Usually, the movies take many clicks on the “Play” button to get started. And, one thing to notice, it takes a backup server to play movies because generally, the first server doesn’t work. All in all, it is a decent platform to play popular movies with lesser buffering and lagging than that of its other counterparts. Also, it enables you to watch new release movies online free without signing up, so you are all sorted here. 

                                                                                    Monthly Visitors: 80,000

                                                                                      Ad Annoyance rating: 5/10

                                                                                          Vudu offers both free and paid streaming of thousands of popular movies and TV shows. Basically, it is an online video on demand (VOD) streaming platform that is loaded with a distinctive content gallery. The free version namely “Movies On Us” includes ads but is worth giving a shot if you are looking for smooth streaming. 

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                                                                                          You can create an account for yourself, but it is completely optional. However, you need to purchase a subscription plan, if you want to access the entire collection of Vudu. 

                                                                                            The best thing is, Vudu offers its application for android and iOS users and thus you can watch your favorite movie or show any time anywhere. Overall, it is the best place to watch free movies and shows.

                                                                                                Monthly Visitors: 94,000

                                                                                                  Ad Annoyance rating: 5/10

                                                                                                      We all are familiar with Sony platforms and its “Sony Crackle”: the streaming site is quite popular worldwide. It comprises a substantial collection of movies, TV shows as well as original programming to lift up your mood.

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                                                                                                      Crackle is also available as an application that you can install on a wide range of platforms for free. However, you will come across a lot of ads while streaming on Crackle. 

                                                                                                          Monthly Visitors: 35,000

                                                                                                            Ad Annoyance rating: 7/10

                                                                                                       is our other recommendation if you are looking for high-quality streaming. It gives you the quality streaming in 1080p or High-Definition. Furthermore, the menu of this streaming service is commendable, you can find the movies by Genre, Country, and more.

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                                                                                                                The one thing that we really appreciate about this site is the description and “Watch Trailer” options that you get for every entry. Not one or two, but you will get plenty of streaming options after making your selection. 

                                                                                                                    Monthly Visitors: 3,000

                                                                                                                      Ad Annoyance rating: 5

                                                                                                                          This streaming platform is more or less similar to Gostream in terms of design and outlook. OakMovies is known for its fast streaming and thus appealing thousands of users worldwide. You can get the advantage of 720p or HD streaming for many titles, this ensures that you get optimum viewing experience. 

                                                                                                                            There is nothing complex about the playing either, you just need to select one option out of the heap, and click the Play button once, unlike other platforms that make you click multiple times to begin. This one is also a great option for downloading content to watch later.

                                                                                                                                Monthly Visitors: 31,000

                                                                                                                                  Ad Annoyance rating: 5/10

                                                                                                                                      MoviesJoy follows a very straightforward approach when it comes to streaming. The site has a very neat interface with a search bar, and trending movies. You can also browse by Genre, Country, top IMBD, and more. 

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                                                                                                                                      Most of the streaming follows 1080p and high speed to serve you the maximum fun. However, you get some ads at the beginning of the content, but it doesn’t impact your watch-experience anyway. So, stream movies for free while binging on your favorite snack.

                                                                                                                                      Bottom Line

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                                                                                                                                      Here we have answered the most searched queries like “what websites can I watch free movies” and “How can I watch movies for free?”. So, get your snacks ready, lie-down on your couch, and start binge-watching your favorite movies. Every site mentioned here includes plenty of options from each category, so whether you are a rom-com person or thriller is your taste, you are all sorted.

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