Learn How to Play: Star Wars Legion – Bell of Lost Souls

By Vedwik
February 8, 2022

Gaming has gradually become a big part of children’s and adults’ entertainment. The enthusiasm behind gaming is associated with the unique and advanced features in the games. Star Wars Legion – Bell of Lost Souls is a fantastic addition to the existing Star Wars gaming series. It has some new cool additions for gamers to explore. Star Wars Legion – Bell of Lost Souls is one of the simplest games to play because it is based mainly on intuition and choices rather than a preset cluster of rules developed by the manufacturer. See the selection of Star Wars Legion at the Unplugged Gaming store. 

Give Orders to Your Troops

The first step to take when playing the game is to order your troops. In the beginning, each player has six rounds, and the goal is to win more tokens at the end of these rounds than your opponent. Each player has a command card which they display simultaneously. The command card contains the orders given to each player’s troops and the number of unit troops mobilized. It also includes pips, and whoever has the lowest number will act first throughout the round. To activate the order, you take the order token and place it next to the unit you have on the battlefield noting that each unit has its unique order token. Afterward, you will return the tokens in a bag and randomize them by shuffling them upside down. 

You and your opponent will then take turns to activate your units using either the existing token or draw new ones from the randomized pile of tokens. You do not have to use your units in the command phase even though you have ordered them at that time. You can hold them for a later attack, perhaps launch an attack before your opponent’s units are in position or an unexpected battle in the near future. Your units are one of your biggest assets, and you need strategic decisions to ensure none of them are unnecessarily injured or removed. Strive to ensure that they keep being upgraded throughout the game. 

Moving and Attacking

The way you fight your battle is key to winning the game. Each player has many options when fighting the opponent, including marching, attacking, aiming, dodging, and taking recovery time. The most common options are moving and tracking. Calculate your attack activation to suit the right time. You can launch an attack using the unit you chose in the command phase or activating a new one using your randomized order tokens. The position of each unit is open information available to your opponent. However, learning how to position these is crucial to your victory. With the right positioning, you can unexpectedly attack your opponent or pin them between two of your units. 

The weapons that you need for every attack are at the bottom of each unit card. You chase the ones you want to use for each miniature and dice them together. When your opponent launches an attack against you, you can roll out a defensive die which will help you take cover using weapons like armors and shields. The same applies to your opponent, and if the attacks are successful, soldiers are injured and removed from the battle. Attacking is aimed at destroying your opponent’s weaponry and soldiers to weaken their built army. 

Mobilizing Your Uniquely Built Army

The game is not just about wins and losses but challenges players to use their abilities to build an army unwise to their gaming skills and priorities. This includes the soldier, vehicles, weaponry, and much more. The building process begins with selecting your preferred side and the units to use, which are the foundation of your army. As the game progresses, you are presented with opportunities to do more with your units to customize and upgrade them to the army you envisioned. Since they come undecorated, one way to upgrade them is by painting them to your preferred color and taste. The decisions you make when upgrading the features of your miniatures will cumulatively affect your competitive advantage over your opponent and, consequently, your chances of winning. 

The Star Wars Legion – Bell of Lost Souls is a game of building, commanding, and conquering. The game entertains you as a participant but teaches many lessons on prioritization, risk management, proactivity, strategic thinking, and management. The game has unique, more advanced features than other previously designer Star Wars games.

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