10 Ways to Transform Your Reception Space

February 9, 2022

Even when you throw a reception at a hotel ballroom or in a simple loft, there are many ways to transform it and give it your personal touch. Places like Vogue Ballroom accept customizations to please your guests and let your reception shine. However, it’s important to make all changes with your event planner, who deals with the venue manager and respects all the regulations posed by the owners. 

More Lights Would Make Your Event Brighter 

When you throw a party outdoors or in venues with high ceilings, it would be best to hang some more lights. For example, chandeliers or spotlights above each round table would make the office space more accessible to anyone. Plus, you will create a more intimate ambiance in your reception.

Place Drapes All Over the Room

Drapes are pieces of colorful textiles giving more intimacy to your reception space. You can place these drapes on the tables, and walls, showing everyone the theme you would like for your event. Many event planners and decorators may also suggest decorating the ceilings with drapes, offering a unique experience to your guests.

Change Your Standard Linens

Tablecloth and runners are usually white, but you can have a teal table runner or any other bright colors to add some vibrantness to the table. By changing their color or having some imprints on them, you could give your event some character. For instance, throwing a party for your kids would be a lot more memorable if your linens were colored and had superheroes imprinted on them.

Select the Right Decor Elements and Repeat Them Regularly

The decor should be quite massive to make an impression on your guests. Therefore, if you decide to hang lanterns with candles everywhere in your ballroom, it would be best to have many of them rather than just one over each round table. 

Install Vignettes to the Ballroom

These are pieces of traditional furniture (like old-time desks) placed somewhere in the ballroom. It would be impressive to have family pictures and scrapbooks there for people to write wishes and quotes for you. Vignettes are a great place for people to meet and a point of interest for the whole reception.

Place Dinner Tables in Random Order

Even though most event planners suggest having round tables, mixing them with square tables would create an interesting effect. It is also possible to choose long banquets to create a family-like ambiance for your reception.

Never Underestimate the Power of Candles

Don’t hesitate to use more candles of various shapes, colors, and sizes. Placing candles on your reception tables creates a cozy atmosphere for your guests. If they are aromatic, they may also add to your event’s personality and intrigue everyone.

Centerpieces Should Be Variable

Usually, flowers are the main centerpieces for each venue. They are placed in the middle of the tables, giving scent and beauty to your reception. However, the repetition of the same flowers creates a tone of boredom. That’s why having different flowers with other shapes and colors can make a unique impression on your guests.

Upgrade Your Glassware

People say that if you have seen one reception wine glass, you have seen them all. So it’s time to replace the traditional glassware and choose new ones with variable shapes and colors. Unlike clear glassware, colored ones could make your reception even more memorable for a long time.

Rent More Sophisticated Chairs

Everyone knows how ballroom chairs look and would be impressed to see something out of the ordinary. Sophisticated chairs are the ones with imprints on them, using new materials like vinyl, and offering a comfortable experience to your guests. 

Upgrading and transforming your reception space is not an easy task. Even experienced event planners face challenges when they are called to alter and redecorate the space completely. They have to respect both their client’s wishes and demands and the venue owner’s restrictions. Finding the right way to renew the reception space without radically changing its appearance is a talent that only a few planners have. Trusting your reception to the right ballroom event planners guarantees its success and gives you more time to think out of the box and please your guests. 

All you need to do for a memorable reception is to talk to your event planner frequently and inquire about what can and can’t be changed. Of course, there are limitations to your imagination, but you can still improve small details and change the theme of your reception. Considering your guests while designing your reception is an excellent way to make a lasting impression.

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