What is VoIP and How Can it Help My Business?

February 9, 2022

The digital explosion continues and as new and innovative tech emerges, the business arena is rapidly changing, and Voice over Internet Protocol solutions, or VoIP, as it is known, offers seamless audio and video using the Internet. This is not exactly new tech; indeed, there were programs like Internet Phone 5 at the turn of the century that enabled users to send and receive voice and video data, yet in the early days, Internet speeds made clear audio and video almost impossible, with constant buffering. As you would expect, over the years VoIP has been constantly developed and improved, while today’s Broadband connections allow you to enjoy the real-time video and international calls.

Remote Call Handling

Call centres around the world have all made the switch to VoIP platforms, with customizable contact centre software and whether you need incoming or outgoing call handling, a team of experienced receptionists will handle your calls in a professional manner. You have complete control and can create a phone answering script for the receptionists to follow, plus they are briefed as to your business and what you are about. Cloud-based call handling brings with it 5-star customer service and for a very reasonable cost. 

Ideal for Support Businesses

If you offer support to your customers, the telephone is often the preferred way to get in touch and your support numbers can be answered by remotely located receptionists and what’s more, this service is available around the clock, with rotating shifts of professionals to provide 24/7 cover. 24/7 support is notoriously difficult to manage effectively, not to mention the cost of hiring staff to cover 2 shifts.

Powerful Programs

Take Zoom as an example; this amazing program offers a lot more than just video calls, with file sharing and a digital whiteboard to help share ideas. You can invite all team members to join in a conference, wherever they happen to be and your customers will appreciate free audio and video calls that run on the Internet. Here are a few tips to streamline your accounting processes, which might prove to be useful.

Online Cloud Solutions

If you would like to learn more about cloud services and how they can help your business, search online for a cloud contact centre and they would be happy to demonstrate the system. You don’t need much hardware in your office and the system can be configured in a few hours and your staff can be trained how to use the headsets. The software works on all digital devices, so your employees can communicate on the move, while you have a central dashboard that monitors and records all communication, whether voice calls, emails, or SMS. Be in complete control of all business communication with state-of-the-art cloud VoIP technology.

Empower your Sales Force

If you have a team of salespeople who cover large areas of the country, VoIP communication really does empower sales, as you can make audio and video calls with clients in real-time. If all your business data is stored on the cloud, sales staff can instantly access customer files, familiarising them with the customer before they meet. Here is some government information from the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, and Communications regarding telecommunications.

Huge Savings

Once you are set up for VoIP communication, you can say goodbye to sky-high telephone bills and enjoy a new dimension in business communication that will drive your business to success. Get in touch with a managed IT service provider and see what they can do for you.

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