Inexpensive Fashion and Trending Diamond Wedding Bands in 2023

March 10, 2023

Weddings have been an important part of our culture for centuries. Even though the customs for each marriage vary across cultures. Weddings are ceremonies where 2 people are joined together in marriage. There are different customs when it comes to marriage. One such custom is wearing a white wedding dress. 

Another thing synonymous with weddings is the exchange of vows and the wearing of wedding rings. This piece of jewelry has become the universal identifier of a married individual. 

Types of Wedding Rings

There are majorly 3 types of wedding bands for women and they include:

Engagement Ring

This is usually used as a sign that the person is currently engaged to someone. It is a sign that marriage is on the way. The engagement ring also tells everyone that the bearer is “off the market”. One of the most popular engagement rings is a solitaire engagement ring.

Wedding Band

This ring is exchanged on the wedding day when vows are shared. It is a sign that the couple is one union forever. Most wedding band matches usually mark the spouse’s commitment to each other.

Anniversary Rings

This is seldom used to celebrate an important milestone in the couple’s journey. Anniversary rings are usually given to each other when a couple reaches a milestone such as 5 or 10 years into the marriage.

Factors That Determine the Price of a Diamond Ring

Generally, women like wedding jewelry which can range from solitaire wedding ring to diamond pendants and stud earrings. Diamond wedding bands for women are the holy grail for all kinds of wedding rings. They are sparkly, classy and the dream of many brides.

These types of jewelry can be very expensive. It is important to understand the factors that make diamond jewelry expensive before knowing how to acquire them.

Diamond Cuts 

The style used to shape the diamond is referred to as a cut. The cut affects how good the diamond will turn out hence why it costs so much. It is also referred to as diamond style

Type of Diamond 

types of diamond

The type of diamond is also a huge factor when it comes to pricing. There are generally 3 types of diamonds, namely

Mined Diamond

This type of diamond is mined from the earth. It is white(transparent) in color. These are very expensive because it is mined

Lab-grown Diamond

 Lab-grown diamonds are usually built in the lab, they are considered ethical since their method of production doesn’t harm the environment. Also, this is much more affordable as the mining cost is removed

Fancy Coloured Diamond

This type of diamond is also mined from earth but comes in colors yellow, black, brown, or pink. This is very expensive due to mining costs and its rarity.

Diamond Shape 

A diamond shape refers to the appearance of the gem according to its geometry. Examples of diamond shapes are oval, pear, heart, and radiant. The more difficult it is to produce the diamond shape, the more expensive the diamond becomes.

6 Trending Inexpensive Diamond Wedding Bands

If you can’t afford an expensive ring costing hundreds of thousands of dollars, do not fret, there are still affordable, yet trendy wedding rings for you. You just have to be patient and look extensively for that pair. 

To guide you, here are the trending diamond wedding bands for this year

Lafonn Wave Simulated Diamond Eternity Band

Look no further if you are a bride finding a vintage look for less. This inexpensive wedding ring is a charming, antique fantasy come true. The simulated diamonds twinkle as they wrap around the band in a vintage-inspired setting. 

The ring’s vintage flair is enhanced by the delicate bandwidth. Depending on your preferences, you can choose between yellow gold, and silver tones. This ring costs $130.

Amouria Diamond Criss Cross Ring 

A pavé set diamond is typically 0.01 carat in weight. Anything less is considered micropavé. Prongs or beads hold the tiny diamonds in place as they line the band. Don’t let the word “tiny” fool you into thinking there’s only a minor impact. 

The Amouria Diamond Criss Cross Ring is an artsy combination of slender pavé settings and chic design, with its dueling parallel lines. The sterling silver band will require polishing from time to time to keep it shiny and tarnished. But for the affordable pricing, it’s worth a little extra effort in maintenance. This ring is worth $176.

Lafonn Simulated Diamond Ring 

Depending on your preferences, the three-stone ring can represent several different chapters in your love story. Some people believe that the three stones represent the “past, present, and future.” 

Others believe they represent “friendship, love, and fidelity” in their relationship. In any case, there’s a sweet sentiment of dedication and adventure that we can’t help but adore. It is priced reasonably at $145.

Esdomera Classic Round 7-Stone Wedding Band

If you don’t like traditional diamonds, you might want to look into lab-grown alternatives like moissanite. Moissanite stones also appear more superb than diamonds and are less difficult to clean. If you’re concerned about authenticity, tinier stones will display less color. 

The seven stones in this iconic round wedding band exude elegance while not sacrificing quality. This lovely row of sparkling gems is ideal for a minimalist bride who believes that simplicity is the wow factor. This ring costs $298.

De Couer Rose Gold Diamond Ring 

Wedding bands with a diamond halo are a popular choice for a variety of reasons. If you have a ring with a diamond stone surrounded by halos, the center stone will appear larger than it is. When you’re on a tight budget, that’s a huge plus. 

Two ascending halos draw the eye to a flower-like center arrangement of seven diamonds in this De Couer piece. Along with the rose gold band and dual shank, the halos add a whimsical, feminine touch to the ring. The binary theme that runs throughout the design conjures up images of two love lines intertwined and spooning. Isn’t that incredibly romantic? This ring is worth $279.

Anja Ring 

This is a solitaire ring with a very simple aesthetic. Solitaire rings are frequently associated with a simpler aesthetic. However, simple does not have to be boring or basic. Especially when it comes to selecting a wedding ring that represents your unique love story. 

With this round solitaire diamond, the bezel settings look modern. It also has a refined 14-karat solid gold band. And, while it appears to be expensive, it is not. This ring is worth your money at $240.

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Wedding Band

I’m sure you are excited about buying your wedding ring and impressing your spouse. A few things to note before shopping for the right diamond ring are:


You have to know your budget and stick to it blindly. This way you can eliminate impulse buying and work with what you have. Not many people have the money to buy the most expensive diamond rings. 

If you are on a budget, it is more advisable to spend less on the ring and more on the union. Instead of spending more on the ring and having little funds left for family life in the future.

Ring Size

You have to be aware of the size of the ring that would fit you. This helps you buy without having to go back to return. Ensure your and your spouse’s ring size before purchasing your wedding bands.

Carat of the Diamond

You must know the type of diamond you are most comfortable with. Not everyone can afford a 3-carat diamond ring so it’s best to live within your means. The bigger the carat the more expensive the diamond is.


Some rings are more suitable as engagement rings while others are best used as wedding bands. It is up to the buyer to decide what the occasion demands.


There are endless choices to make when it comes to deciding what type of ring to buy. However, It is crucial to make an informed decision before proceeding to purchase a ring. It is noteworthy that rings are for long-term usage. Therefore, It is advisable to buy one which does not leave a hole in your pocket.  I hope this article has helped you understand all you need to know about purchasing diamond rings. If yes, happy married life!

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