Big Fat Indian Weddings No Longer a Financial Burden with Exclusive Marriage Loans

By Joseph
December 5, 2022

These days, Indian weddings have become more customized than ever before, as couples now wish to reflect their personalities through their preparations and celebrations. The invites, decorations, and celebrations must adhere to themes that cater to the bride and the groom’s expectations, whether the wedding is a lavish celebration or an intimate affair. Personal Loans for marriage are a popular option to cover the costs, as they offer ample funds without restricting how they use the sanctioned amount.

Whether the wedding host requires money to book the venue, make hospitality arrangements for the guests, hire the best caterer in town, or lay out a memorable feast for each ceremony, a marriage loan helps finance each wedding item with speed, convenience, and affordability. Read on to know more about these loans and how they finance the big day to make it extraordinary.

Key Reasons to Get an Instant Personal Loan for a Wedding

Planning a wedding event can be stressful and time-consuming for couples and their family members. They need to attend to several other requirements than worrying about money. During such times, an instant Personal Loan can act as a blessing in disguise by making the required funds available with ease. Here are a few key reasons to take a wedding loan.

Easy Application: Technologically-advanced lending institutions make Personal Loans available online with just a few clicks. The borrower simply needs to fill out an online application form and provide their personal and professional details. For example – Clix Capital follows a completely online process when it comes to Personal Loans for Weddings. The applicant can get the loan application verification, approval, and disbursal online, allowing applicants to focus on their wedding plans.

Fast and Convenient: Reputed loan providers do not require applicants to complete lengthy loan procedures. Most of them have simple eligibility conditions and minimum documentation requirements to qualify for a marriage loan. Applicants with an Experian credit score of 630 or above, who pay their EMIs and credit card bills on time and are not over-leveraged, can quickly obtain a Personal Loan for a Wedding from Clix Capital.

The loan procedure takes less time to get approved after the submission of the online application. Once the lending institution ascertains eligibility and verifies the KYC details, it disburses the loan into its accounts quickly. It is that simple.

No Collateral Requirement: An instant Personal Loan for a wedding is available without collateral. It is an unsecured loan that does not demand security with a residential or commercial asset. A borrower with a decent credit history can get a Personal Loan in a quick, hassle-free, and simple manner.

Repayment in Easy Installments: Lending institutions offer flexible repayment tenures for repaying loans in Easy Monthly Installments (EMIs). It helps newly-wed couples to manage their finances easily without worrying about loan repayment after the wedding celebrations are over. The repayment term may range from 12 to 48 months. Borrowers must use a Personal Loan EMI calculator to estimate their EMIs. Accordingly, they can select a loan tenure with installments and plan their finances well.

Meet Last-Minute Wedding Expenses: Big fat Indian weddings are hassled affairs that often surprise the host with last-minute expenses. A marriage loan can provide an amount of up to 10 lakhs to make this one-time event a memorable experience.

Last-Minute Expenses to Cover with a Wedding Loan

Apart from the usual expenses like venue, catering, decorations, wedding outfits, jewelry, invitations, gifts, photography, and others, several last-minute expenses may come up that may disturb your wedding budget. During such times, the wedding host may get an instant Personal Loan to keep things in order. Some surprising expenses that may crop out at the last minute are below.

Mistakes in the Invitation Cards: Many times, when printed invitation cards arrive, someone may notice a significant error in them that needs correction. Card printers do not take responsibility, as they usually send you a soft copy before sending them for printing. So, getting the cards re-printed adds significantly to the expense, that a wedding loan may cover.

Unexpected Guests: You must have noticed RSVP written on the invitation cards. It literally means responding to the invitation and confirming the number of guests attending the event. However, doing this is not a common practice in India, and predicting the number of guests coming to the wedding is impossible. When an unexpected number of guests arrive at the venue, an instant Personal Loan saves the wedding budget from spilling over. 

Tips: Giving tips to the staff engaged in wedding arrangements is an unexpected cost that most wedding hosts overlook while making a budget. Tip to a single person won’t disturb the budget, but when multiple people are involved, it can add up to a considerable amount. At a wedding, different people expect a decent tip for their service, including the makeup artist, valet, room service, photographer, caterer, servers, decorators, dancers, and the list goes on and on. Keeping some extra money in their pocket will help make them happy and ensure the best of their services.

Transport: Hosts treat guests extraordinarily at Indian weddings. Picking up and dropping them off to and from the railway station or airport is a popular tradition. Hosts must also arrange transportation of guests from a particular place to the venue. An instant Personal Loan can help plan proper transportation from an organized vendor and cover its costs with ease. 

Overtime Charges: Indian weddings are full of joy and festivities. Guests get so engulfed in the celebrations that they don’t even want to step down from the dancing floor. All the rituals and merriment can lead to overtime, leading to hefty overtime charges at the venue or the hotel.


While planning for the big fat Indian wedding, a marriage loan can provide sufficient coverage. Moreover, the entire loan procedure from application to disbursal is online and paperless. Ensure to approach a reputed lending institution like Clix Capital which has a seamless and quick loan process. They provide instant Personal Loans online quickly to help you cover any last-minute expenses without worrying. So, go ahead and make the big day truly special without worrying about overhead expenses with a Personal Loan for a Wedding. 

Cheers to a new life!

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