What is Essay Writing? Is It Important for Students?

February 8, 2022

Students from every corner of the globe face the challenge of writing essays. It’s a compulsory demand, and many students struggle because of it. Not all of them have advanced writing, editing, reading, research, and other learning skills. Many of them don’t have enough time to handle those crowds of essays that don’t seem to stop. Consequently, many youngsters wonder: Is essay writing important for students?

Many college students have serious problems with paper writing and frequently request online essay writing help provided by expert academic writing services similar to SmartWritingService. They put their trust in the skills and experience of professional academic writers. However, it can serve as a temporary solution. You ought to learn how to tackle it without somebody’s help. Therefore, we recommend understanding the meaning and value of essay writing to get started.

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Essay writing helps to develop different learning skills in students. These skills will help to receive high grades and become an intelligent, successful student. It develops the following skills and abilities:

  • Writing;
  • Rewriting;
  • Reading;
  • Researching;
  • Analytical;
  • Editing;
  • Proofreading;
  • Problem-solving;
  • Citing and others.

As you can see, this list proves the importance of essay writing. When you are assigned an essay, you will have to research the topic, read heaps of information, analyze it, reproduce on the paper, and rewrite after you edit and proofread it. Scientifically-based essays require the solution to a certain problem. You should use your wits to the fullest to make everything according to the official writing requirements. Students become skilled and experienced thanks to essay writing. Properly developed skills automatically out then in demand in the employment market.

The Importance of Handwriting Your Essays

Experts recommend practicing handwriting. Although typing on your laptop is faster and more convenient, it deprives you of the adequate development of your cognition. When we write with our hands, we activate various cognitive functions. Amongst such are thinking, problems-solving, memorizing, focusing, speaking, and so on. All these functions are important, and you develop them all thanks to handwriting. Therefore, practice it regularly.

Improving Essay Writing Skills

We believe that you have realized the importance of essay writing for students. However, many youngsters cannot write all their essays equally well, even if they want to. Their skills are weak, and it makes them lose many essential grades. Fortunately, you can improve any skill if you know the right methodologies. Our informative article will highlight the most popular methodologies that boost essay writing skills.

Practice Regularly

The first recommendation you will hear from any teacher or professor is to write as often as you can. You should devote at least 2-3 hours daily to improve your writing skills. Obligatorily apply different writing techniques to identify which one suits you the best. Always change the types of your essays to become an expert in each.

Manage Your Time Reasonably

If you intend to practice essay writing regularly, make sure you use your time effectively. Oftentimes, students undertake activities that aren’t related to their academics. You should eliminate all kinds of distractions while you write. These are:

  • Playing video games;
  • Watching movies;
  • Partying with friends;
  • Chatting on social media platforms, etc.

Create a reasonable schedule, which logically divides all your activities. Find enough time to write and complete other academic obligations. Afterward, you may find time for a non-academic routine.

Read a Lot

Reading comprehension is as important, and writing is. Before you begin to write, you have to research the topic. When you do that, you’re supposed to understand what facts are relevant and which ones are useless. Reading skills serve this purpose, and you should develop them regularly as well. It’s also vital to read different writing tutorials, guides, samples, etc.

Get Rid of Watery Sentences

Many students spoil a good impression about their essays because of unnecessary words and even entire sentences. They aren’t related to the topic, don’t explain any issues, and simply fill in the word gap. When you revise your essays, check such sentences. It’s important to eliminate:

  • Slang;
  • Jargon;
  • Technical terms;
  • Clichés, etc.

These words and phrases are unimportant for your essays. Don’t use them!

Keep It Short and Logical

It’s important to make your sentences short. Remember the text you couldn’t comprehend properly or that took too long to be read. We can bet that they consisted of long sentences and paragraphs. If you want to make your texts comprehensive and readable, write short sentences that don’t exceed the length of 8-10 words. Your paragraphs shouldn’t contain more than 10 sentences.

Apply Technology

Remember that technology should be treated as our friend. You’re welcome to utilize different learning applications, such as grammar and plagiarism checkers, citation generators, etc. If you define the right applications, they will help to:

  • Detect plagiarism;
  • Identify grammar and spelling errors;
  • Generate relevant topic ideas;
  • Form correct references;
  • Insert citations correctly, etc.

Wrapping Up

The importance of essay writing is enormous. It helps to form and improve multiple learning skills and abilities. If students don’t develop them, they will never become great specialists who are desired by employers. Obligatorily practice handwriting to sustain your cognitive functions. Try to memorize the writing recommendations we have provided in our article. They will help to quickly boost your essay writing skills.

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