Top 5 Jobs You Get with A Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology

February 8, 2022

Deciding to pursue a major in psychology in college can lead you to a rewarding career with several opportunities. 

Wondering what jobs can you get with a BA in psychology may be a question you need to be answered after deciding on this major. Here are five top jobs in this niche you may want to consider:

Social Worker

Becoming employed as a social worker can be a rewarding position if you majored in psychology. Working in this position allows you to help other individuals become more productive and deal with stress

You’ll be using your knowledge of psychology and interpersonal skills frequently when working in this position. Having a minor in social work or social welfare may be advisable if you’re still in the stage of planning your college courses. If this isn’t possible, you may want to take as many classes as you can be related to sociology and social work.

Sales Representative

Knowing what jobs can you get with a BA in psychology may lead you to become a sales representative. Studying psychology allows you to acquire an abundance of interpersonal communication skills. Having this experience sets you up for success in marketing and sales positions. 

Employers appreciate the fact you’ve studied material related to communicating and speaking effectively. Having this ability is an essential requirement of relating to other individuals and understanding human behavior. Possessing these elements puts you in a position to become a top sales representative.

Career Counselor

Having interpersonal communication skills is a crucial element required to become a career counselor. In this position, you’ll meet with students who may not be sure what they should pursue as a career in the future. 

Having a background in psychology allows you to help them perform self-assessments and find job opportunities that will make them happy with the path they decide to choose. Becoming a career counselor can be a fulfilling job as your assistance plays a significant role in helping people discover opportunities they may not have thought of independently. 

You’ll help them focus on self-discovery and find a career matching their goals and needs.

Parole or Probation Officer

Working with individuals who have been incarcerated takes a specific set of skills that you can learn by earning a degree in psychology. Majoring in this field of study places you in an excellent position to have a career as a parole or probation officer. 

Supervising and working with people who have been convicted of crimes should be easier and more efficient to handle when you have a background in human behavior. You’ll be in charge of tracking the behaviors of the individuals you’re assigned to monitor. You’ll also coordinate with therapists and utilize interpersonal skills when dealing with the court system.

Substance Abuse Counselor

Helping people overcome their problems with addictions is the role of a substance abuse counselor. In this position, you’ll try to help clients adopt healthier behaviors and eliminate self-destructive habits. 

Working in this field might mean you’ll be helping clients at a mental health center, prison, private office, or public healthcare facility. If this line of work sounds appealing to you, you might want to consider getting a minor in counseling.

While this isn’t a comprehensive list of the jobs you can pursue as a psychology major, it’s five popular choices that can be highly rewarding if you’re interested in helping other people. For more information, you can always check out sites like Best Psychology Degrees.

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