Pros and Cons of Devoko Adjustable Height High-back Ergonomic Gaming Chair

By Vedwik
February 8, 2022

In terms of value for money, the Devoko Gaming Chair is a good gaming chair having basic ergonomic features, good looks, and an affordable price tag.

If you’re looking for a new gaming or office chair, this Devoko chair review will show you all you need to know about the chair’s finest features, most important specs, and any faults that may influence your purchase. We’ll also point out a few other options to consider.

Quick Summary

The Ergonomic Chair Devoko is a fantastic entry-level gaming chair with an elegant appearance, basic ergonomic features, and adjustability, as well as an adequate degree of comfort and support for extended sessions.

Even though it lacks a few features found in more expensive chairs (adjustable cushioned armrests, a wider seat base), this is an excellent option if you’re looking for a low-cost chair that can double as a high-back gaming chair as well as an office or home theater chair in general.


  • Excellent entry-level chair for gaming with ergonomic features like lumbar support, a curved backrest, and a wide range of tilting options.
  • Style is great, and there are two shades to choose from.
  • Rubber wheels that are quiet and robust yet can still pivot 360 degrees are used.
  • Suitable as a gaming chair or an office chair, it’s supportive and comfortable.
  • A maximum load of 300 pounds


  • The armrests aren’t cushioned or adjustable.
  • Seat width may be too small for some due to the bucket shape and elevated edges.
  • Some consumers find the lumbar cushion to be excessively hard.

In this Devoko chair review let us get into the details and start with the materials:


The Devoko gaming chair, like many others in its class, is upholstered in breathable fake leather. This is synthetic leather made from polyurethane (PU), which is more prevalent and less expensive than real leather.

PU leather can be easily cleaned and has a long life expectancy. However, for racing-style gaming seats, it is the preferred material because of its suppleness and character. With this material, you’ll have a sleek, contemporary appearance.

This material is available in two different looks for the Devoko chair. You have a choice of two color schemes: red and black or white and black.


The ergonomic variant of the Devoko gaming chair has a 19.8″ wide by 20.5″ deep bucket site. There is a little difference in seating breadth due to the elevated seat sides that give you a racing car sensation.

This small bucket design may not be sufficient for many users in the long run. The Von Racer 8280 has a flat seat with no raised sides if that’s more your style.

For extended periods of sitting while working or playing games at a computer, a high-density foam cushion is used as the seat. Although there is a width problem, the seat pan is very comfy in and of itself.

A lumbar support cushion is included with this chair as well. The straps attached to the cushion allow you to modify its height. You may remove the cushion if it’s too big.

The lumbar cushion is well-liked by many users because it allows for a more ergonomic sitting position by supporting the lumbar region of the back directly. With that said, we recommend leaving it on for most people. If you want greater chair depth, or want to sit in a more neutral posture, we suggest taking off the lumbar cushion (which isn’t very soft).

A detachable and adjustable neck cushion is included with the Devoko. The shape of the cushion is curved to help support the neck from side to side. This is particularly useful if you’re using a gaming chair. The neck support cushion, like the lumbar cushion, may be removed if it gets in the way.

The steel chair frame reinforces the ergonomically pleasant curved form of the backrest. It has a width of 19.8″ and a height of 30.5″. There’s also the Devoko racing type chair, which we talk about in more depth below if this isn’t broad enough.


The reclining angle is critical with any gaming chair or office chair. You should be able to recline the chair at least 120 degrees from the upright position. This chair, on the other hand, goes a step further.


Do the Wheels Lock?

There is no locking mechanism on the muted PU casters.

What is the Weight of the Chair?

The ergonomic model has a total weight of around 45 lbs. If you intend to transfer the chair upstairs or throughout the home, be aware that it is heavier than the majority of excellent office or gaming seats. The chair’s steel frame adds bulk and heft to the design.


We’ll sum it up by saying that the Devoko gaming chair is an excellent value, especially for the price. It has a genuine gaming chair style, as well as enough comfort, support, and ergonomics to keep you comfortable when using a computer for many hours at a time. It’s also a great chair for the workplace or for watching movies at home.

However, this chair is deficient in other amenities like cushioned and adjustable armrests, depth adjustment or seat pan tilting, lockable casters, and a footrest.

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