SMS – The Exception to The Rule; Things of The Past, Don’t Last

By Ankit
February 21, 2022

It’s not often people talk about SMS anymore and, who can blame them? When it comes to making contact with people daily, most people will gravitate towards their app of choice and why wouldn’t they? Everyone else is using social media and such like to keep in touch so why on earth would anybody consider sending an SMS text message?

Seeing Things from a Different Perspective

Jumping on the bandwagon and doing the same thing as everyone else kind of makes sense if it makes your life easier, or provides you with something that’s efficient and effective in terms of both time and money spent. On the other hand, would you wear the same clothes as everybody else, have the same haircut, buy the same car, have identical families, use the same SMS company in Australia, or think the same as others, just because? 

Business Growth and, Being Unique

If you run a business then there will be things or services that you pretty much have to use for your business to operate. However, when it comes to what you do and how you do it, you really need to operate differently, in some unique way. If every business did the same thing, offered the same products, for the same price, and provided the same service to their customers then, not many would make it past the breaking even/starting to make a profit stage of their business life.

The smart thing to do, when it comes to making contact with prospects, or customers is to look at services and procedures that others either haven’t thought of before or simply don’t use! Establish yourself as a leader of your industry by making use of tech that has been right under your nose for decades but, because so many customers/prospects have moved on and are using other mediums, services such as SMS notifications have been left behind by most business people too! VoIP communication might be the answer.

What a Missed Opportunity….

People may not use SMS messaging anymore, in the same way in which they used to when it was the main number one way of sending private, small to medium-sized messages in basic text form to anybody that they wanted to, as long as a mobile phone was provided. However, most people will still read a text message, if nothing else, they may be surprised to have received one, or they associate receiving an SMS message with something like forgetting to pay a bill. 

Sometimes it’s a company’s last and only way of getting hold of somebody to request payment, as such you should find that people are more alert when it comes to an SMS coming through as opposed to hearing one of the social media apps ‘pings’ away for the 100th time that day. All these new wonderful ways of getting in contact with people are superb until the number of notifications becomes so frequent that the sounds turn into ‘white noise’.

Maximum Exposure

Whilst a lot of companies focus on one area of digital marketing and are very successful at doing so, they could be even better, if they did more. Diversification is the name of the game here, so if you want to really make an impact then you should try to cover all bases by making use of as many relevant methods of contacting people as possible.

Business Minded

One of the most surprising things is that the majority of businesspeople look for efficiencies daily, in fact, some, even employ somebody to do it for them. Yet, one of the most proven and trusted methods of contacting people doesn’t get used nearly half as much as it should. 

If you do the math and consider how little it costs to implement targeted, blanket advertisements to people who are almost 100% certain to read what you send to them. Their response will be largely based on how good your content is!

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