How to Style Your Silk Kimono Robes in 5 Different Ways?

February 9, 2022

We adore cold weather for its hibernating soul and the opportunity to bring your foot off of the vigorous festive season. But between mid-January and February, you could well drop into a bit of a slump. If you’re from the polar regions, you can begin your spring countdown even before the end of January! Winter weather, lengthier nights, shorter days, and a regularly scheduled hibernation can turn into a rut. Are you looking to get out of that rhythm? Just style yourself up!

It’s easier to slide right into the very same old habit once you get groomed this winter if you feel bored and tired. But today, we’re showing you how to style a kimono robe in five different ways this season and introduce a little extra oomph to your everyday life. If you’re searching for a bit of guidance and some cold weather insight to level up your wardrobe, here are five ways to wear silk kimono robes in a quick and straightforward guide:

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Bring a little romance to your daily look

If you’re a simple ‘denim and shirt’ type of woman, silk kimono robes are a lovely addition to your daytime wear. This look is ideal with a pair of skinny jeans and a plain tee, which looks good with a printed kimono robe. Vivid teal and emerald tones on tropical satin kimono robes can bring a little more vibrancy into your simple look. If you don a printed shirt for the day, you can choose a plain satin one instead. Choose a hue that complements the shades of your top. Consider taking your outfit from day to night by incorporating a pair of stylish heels and an evening purse.

Wear It with a Tight Dress

Kimono robes are lightweight and flowing naturally, which is why they go well with form-fitting garments. It brings volume to a somewhat compressed style that works effectively with both shorter and longer dresses. You should opt for a sleek and chic monochromatic style and pick an outfit that suits your dress color. If you would like a more striking look, you can choose a robe with contrasting color instead.

Combine It with Contrasting Textiles

Perhaps the most remarkable feature of fashion is to break the rules. A perfect way to make the style more fun is to match up textures that seldom come together. As far as materials are concerned, silk is the embodiment of luxury and extravagance. Why don’t you match your silk kimono robe with anything rugged, like leather? Leather will bring a little intrigue to a timeless style. Consider mixing leather pants and a plain top, or you might even try rocking a pair of knee-high leather boots.

Use it as an In-between Layer

If it’s a little cold outside, your silk robe will not be enough to keep you comfortable. Kimono robes are lovely, and you can conveniently put them in your wardrobe. Plus, satin ones are sleek and lightweight, so you can fit them between your top and the outer coats, which is a perfect way to bring more dimension to your ensemble subtly.


Here are just a variety of additions to use with your kimono attire:

  • Bead bracelets, bangles, rings, and watches—The sleeves are just a few inches just below the elbow, so it exposes your wrists and arms.
  • Scarves, shawls, and necklaces—These outfits don’t have a collar, so try putting on a neckpiece to add depth to your style.
  • Earrings—A cute pair of hoops or studs are often an excellent touch, mainly if your hair is up.
  • Bags—Get a bag to accentuate your outfit while considering the size and design with the style you’re seeking to show.

The elegant and traditional fit of the kimono robe gives you a little space for some sparkle. And don’t forget to make accessories once you’re donning your kimono robe styles!

Who thought that you could do so much in a kimono dress? This article only tells you how to wear silk kimono robes in five easy ways, but the possibilities are infinite! From linen to silk, from long to short, every kimono robe has a distinct tale to tell and an exceptional style to showcase. You won’t be leaving your outfit at home with any of these design tricks!

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