How To Look Great In Shorts & T-Shirts – Men’s Styling Guide

June 10, 2022

There are a few items in a man’s wardrobe that are irreplaceable. One such thing is a pair of shorts. Here, we will discuss why shorts are a man’s best friend when it comes to comfy dressing? We will also discuss some tips as to how to wear them and where to wear them. So, let’s begin.

But before doing that, let’s dive into the past of shorts.

The shortened pants for men or shorts had many other names which were famous during the late 90s and early 20th century. They were called “Knickerbockers.” These pants had a baggy look. But these had a narrowed or gathered form at the knee for covering purposes. 

Later on, a shorter and tight-fitting trouser till knee-length was introduced. It was known as “Short pants” or “Knee pants.” These became a part of many school uniforms, but grown-up men started wearing shorts until after WW II. 

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When Should You Wear Shorts?

A man should wear shorts based on the temperature, location, and environment. Skip wearing it at formal events and when conducting business. 

How To Wear Shorts With T-Shirts?

There are many ways in which you can style shorts. All you need is a little creativity and experimentation. 

Being summer staples, shorts look cool with both shirts and t-shirts. Here is how you can look dapper in shorts.

Blazer With Shorts 

You might have noticed in many music videos men wearing shorts with a blazer. Well, that idea has become a hit now. But before pulling this look off, you must make sure that it’s a tricky combination. Not everyone can pull off this look perfectly. So, be a little vigilant and wear a blazer over shorts. Add boat shoes to finish it off. This contemporary outfit idea will surely get you many appreciations.

Go Casual With A T-Shirt And Shorts

It’s the most traditional way to pair shorts with t-shirts. Wear a V-neck t-shirt if you’re going to match it with a blazer. Wear a crew neck tee with shorts for a laidback look. Not only these necklines, but a polo t-shirt also looks uber-cool with shorts. You don’t have to worry about what to wear. Club any t-shirt, and you will have a casual look in no time. Wear sneakers or slip-ons for a day with friends or shopping spirit. Also, shorts and t-shirts are great as beachwear for men. When the mercury goes up, grab your shorts and t-shirts for a relaxed and comfortable dressing sense. 

If going with plain t-shirts isn’t your thing, consider investing in  Steven Rhodes t-shirts that has funny printed graphics and illustrations. Or, you can choose a tee with a quote or text to further elevate your style quotient. 

Get A Semi-Formal Look With Shorts And A Button-Down Shirt

When the occasion isn’t for hardcore casual dressing, go semi-formal. Even you can carry this look on any given day during summer. Pairing shorts with a button-down shirt is the best way to redefine your summer look. Choose shoes of your choice to finish it off. 

Hide Your Socks When Wearing Shorts 

Shorts look great when you style them with casual shoes. But there are specific rules that you shouldn’t forget. Avoid wearing socks with long shoes. Instead, wear the quarter socks, ankle socks, or low-rise shocks for that edgy look! These socks do not peep out of your shoes, and hence, they complement your dressing style in the best way possible. 

Types Of Shorts Every Man Must Own—

Denim Shorts 

Denim is wardrobe staples. Almost everyone loves denim. When you can have several jeans pairs, you can own a few pairs of denim shorts too! Besides being casual, these shorts are trendy. When you’re planning for an outing, this is the best way to get dressed. For an edgy look, club your denim shorts with espadrilles or loafers. I always prefer sites like PrintShop by Designhill for quality shorts shopping. 

Chinos Shorts

Chinos shorts are trendies of all. They render both stylishness and comfort. Pair them with plain or striped shirts for an elevated style. Or wear a tee to look casual on any day with an unmatched fashion sense. 

Be it a t-shirt or shirt, matching them with chinos shorts is a great dressing idea!

Cargo Shorts

Cargo shorts resemble military shorts. But the transition in it over the years has given it a trendier look. Side pockets are what make them a must-have for men. As these are practical to carry phones and other essentials, people love wearing them—the colors like khaki, olive green, and more bringing it back in fashion. 


Finally, we are now well-versed with tips and tricks to style shorts perfectly. So, get some pairs of shorts for your next outing, trip, or walk to the mall. 

Summer is here, and it’s the best time to invest in some quality shorts.

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