Top Tips for Asian Wedding Photography

January 13, 2023

Being an Asian wedding photographer requires one to be familiar with the culture since wedding pictures are unique and attractive in different ways. Weddings’ culture differs depending on the country and the origin of the bride and groom, making it essential to pay attention to details. You have to follow the culture of the couples hiring your photography services to help capture the required shots. 

Asian weddings include colorful attires, dances, and different activities that will need to be captured in pictures. Professional photography is not easy because several intricate details will affect the result of the job. The complexity of Asian weddings can make beginner photographers feel pressured and stressed due to the new culture that beats a white wedding. Below are tips that will help you understand Asian wedding photography if you are a beginner in wedding photography with such a job.

Have the Right Equipment

You need the best equipment to ensure you capture high-quality pictures that will help the bride and groom relive the moment. It would help to be prepared for all weather conditions by having different equipment that will help provide high-quality pictures. If you do not own all the required equipment, you can rent them from several companies that rent photography gear at an affordable price. Understanding the gears and checking all the specs to ensure they are right before the wedding will prevent unnecessary issues. The cameras’ straps, lens, lighting fixtures, and other small equipment should be inspected and tested before the wedding day to avoid problems that will be hard to control. The equipment a photographer uses is a major influence on the quality of photos provided, making it necessary to invest in high-end equipment to make clients happy.

Meet Up with the Couples 

It is vital to keep it professional to ensure you provide the best services when hiring to take wedding photos in any culture. However, it is crucial to get to know the couples you will be working with to help build a connection before the wedding. You will require to meet up for tea or coffee or work together for engagement photos to create comfort around each other. It takes both parties for the wedding pictures to come outright, and a couple will work with you to capture the best photos when they are comfortable. Knowing the couple before the wedding will help have an idea of their expectations because you will get a chance to talk about the pictures with no pressure. The wedding day will be busy for the groom and the bride, and you cannot start asking them questions and add to their nerves of the big day.

Get to Know the Wedding Venue 

Photographers should know the wedding location and where the couples want pictures taken before the wedding day for proper planning. Visit all the wedding venues to study them and know the best equipment and positions that stand out to capture beautiful photos. It is vital to ensure you understand the directions of the location to get to the venue without issues on the wedding day. Couples want the first moments of the day to be captured, and you should arrive a few minutes or hours earlier to set your equipment and prepare your team for the job to avoid delays. It would help if you captured the first moments, like when the groom sees the bride because they are sentimental moments that are important to the couple. Being early will help you advise on where to stand depending on the landscape and lighting to ensure the photos you take are high quality.

Dress According to the Culture

As a wedding photographer, the last thing you want is to look out of place and have guests at the wedding weirdly staring at you. Buying apparel that blends in with the culture of the bride and groom will make the experience better with wedding guests, and the couples will feel appreciated. Dress up and look like one of the people attending the wedding to capture moments easily by finding out the cultural wedding apparel for Asians. You can inquire from the couples or find someone who understands Asian culture to help you select the apparel fit for such an occasion. Investing in what to wear will not cost much, and you will build a personal relationship with the couples, which will gain their positive reviews and recommendation to other people. It is an excellent strategy to market your services and work with other people related to the couples.

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