3 Unified Communication Benefits Every Organization Must Consider

By Ankit
May 1, 2023

As the world operates in a fast-paced technological environment, the success of a business depends on its adaptation. And one of such essential technological changes is unified communication. By definition, unified communication refers to a business and marketing concept that describes the integration of different communication services. It can be messaging, voice communication, and anything in between. However, because communication services can be overwhelming, especially when you want to understand essential ones like unified communication, an excellent example to start with is communicating via Cleod9 Voice.

How does Unified Communication Work?

Unlike other forms of communication, unified is a communication concept that blends your internet-based messaging and phone communications. The idea integrates these communications into a single full-featured platform. It, therefore, offers you the ability to collaborate with different tools of communication anywhere, anytime. It also uses devices, including your desk phone, a computer, or a smartphone.

The Three Undeniable Benefits of Unified Communication Your Organization Must Consider

Besides blending and interacting with different means of communications, tools, and devices, unified communication is incredibly beneficial for your company and others in ways such as:

Connecting Businesses to Remote Workers

Unlike past days, today’s business success depends on reaching people worldwide. Think about selling your services and products online within and beyond your business locality. Unified communication can help you recruit remote workers anywhere, anytime. The concept enables you to train, evaluate and hire talent for your organization. Use different means to reach out to remote employees, including cloud-based systems and centralized communication hubs. For instance, you can arrange meetings, evaluate, and hire workers via Skype, Zoom, and Google Meetings through cloud computing.

Using Contact Centers to Increase and Drive Customer Experience

Contrary to your business’s physical location and offices, a contact or call center is a specific place and a centralized office for transmitting large volumes of inquiries via the phone. It can be operated by a single administrator or many depending on the size of your organization. The center helps your business answer customers’ questions and guide them on information they need about your services and products. Unified communication helps improve your organization’s overall customer experience by ensuring regular communication for answering their queries.

Customers can easily find you via different devices and ask questions or get guidelines about everything your business offers. When this happens, it helps boost customer engagement and experience, increasing your client base and sales.

Increasing Businesses’ Cost-Effective Running Operations

Besides boosting customer relationships and engagement, unified communication also helps run your business without breaking the bank. This happens through the concept’s combination and blending of different means of communication that allows managing your employees and customers without spending more money. 

You can quickly call local and international customers, investors, and partners more affordably than using other means of communication. Additionally, unified communication uses different communication carriers and models, giving you the option to choose those within your budget, thus more affordable than others.

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Examples of Unified Communication You Can Easily Embrace for Personal and Business Needs

Cloud-Based UC

Depending on your business niche and size, one of the best examples of unified communications to embrace is a cloud-based system. This helps you access all your organization’s data and software applications regardless of the device you use.

A cloud-based system is also your best-unified communication example, especially if you’ve got team members working in various locations using myriads of devices. For example, suppose your organization has people working in the office with others working in the field. In that case, cloud-based will connect them, thus ensuring your business operations run smoothly and effectively.

An excellent example of a cloud-based system you can use is Microsoft 365. With this system, your team will easily download, share and discuss anything related to your business’s operation documents and files.

Mobile UC

Unified mobile communication is your best shot if your business operates solemnly through telephone communications. For example, you’ll quickly set voicemails and calls for your customers and team members. 

Additionally, a mobile unified communication strategy will enhance employee relationships and connections, whether your workers, investors, or partners work in offices or the field. Thanks to this, workers, business partners and investors can effectively communicate and hold meetings over the phone, all to help boost your business’s success.

The Role of Unified Communication in Business

While other forms of communication offer roles such as boosting interaction between business owners and customers, unified communication plays a crucial role in overcoming any business organization’s flaws. The concept helps eliminate business expenses, increase business flexibility and mobility, plus reduce overspending.

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