A Brief History of the Use of Technology in Business

August 31, 2022

Before technology evolved, most businesses involved transactions by hand, which affected the entire business process, making it extremely slow. Due to the lack of technology and no knowledge on how to improve the manual work involved, most business owners couldn’t fathom the idea of operating instantly and having their transactions operating at supersonic speed. Now, we look back and wonder how they made it all work. If you’ve ever wondered just how much technology has transformed the business arena over the years, this article is here to give you a glimpse.

Security Technology

Security technology has proved a vital business technology ever since its inception. The first thing that comes to mind in terms of security technology is virus prevention software. Technology is always being updated to stop the latest viruses. Malware, spyware, trojans etc., can be deadly to your business if you’re not properly prepared. However, there are also cutting edge technologies which can provide physical security locally. This kind of tech is potentially needed by any business that has a physical location. As well as schools, government buildings, etc.

Security software also helps protect your business physically, instead of virtually. For example, there are different kinds of gunshot detection software that can alert local law enforcement and keep your workforce safe. If your business operates in a gun-free zone this software can literally be life-saving. Security software that interlinks with a CCTV system can enhance the security of your business. It also acts as a deterrent because you’re essentially using proactive security.

It’s important to keep security software in mind if you’re looking at improving the security of your business. Both from a physical, and virtual point of view. Security technology has always had a presence in business, and always will.

Communication and the Beginning of Technological advancement

Communication was transformed drastically when Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, which was a huge step for the business world, as the telephone slowly became a necessity in all offices to not only grow a business but also help foster stronger relationships. Using the telephone as a reference, we’ve seen communication evolve with the emergence of voicemail and telemarketing tools as well as outbound call center tools that accommodate incoming calls and are also built with predictive dialers. This has enabled sales teams to manage appointment settings and create a custom experience for potential clients and existing customers. The invention of the telephone has paved the way for varying kinds of technology to find its way into the business process.

How the Introduction of Computers Increased Workflow

The one invention which took the business world by storm was the introduction of the computer. After the industrial revolution, people started realizing the relevance of technology in business. The computer was a machine that catered to every business need imaginable and could easily perform market research, as well as complex calculations, which meant many business transactions could be done in mere seconds.

We now see the emergence of new, highly functional computer tools. For example, with digital drawing software (which is essentially a digital art app with a sketchpad), residential contractors can create functional intricate patterns and designs using a large selection of brushes, gradients, fonts, and layer groups. Whether they want to create floor plans or add elements to the drawings such as pools, decks, or fireplaces, such a tool can help to improve your workflow.

After computers successfully invaded the market, information technology, or IT, was the next level of advancement for businesses. The introduction of the internet and other online business solutions has pushed productivity to a much higher level, allowing businesses to reshape their operations.

Now, any business can be created, managed, and performed with something as tiny as a mobile phone.

In the industrial design world, professional artists are improving their creative process by employing technologies like graphics software and other art software like adobe systems, which help make their work easier and more artistic. The versatility of all these powerful tools takes productivity and business to a whole new level. It presents everyone, even a typical amateur or newbie, the chance to improve their skills within the shortest time.

The Future

Today, many old technologies have been improved upon, making work even faster and more efficient. Word processors have replaced typewriters, and several productivity software options and applications have replaced manual business transactions. There are many new digital tools for payment, like the credit card system and the use of the smartphone by team members, to improve the creative process for your business. Technology in business is highly widespread, and it only promises to continue evolving.

As a business, the key to unlocking everything technology has to offer is to welcome all its changes, utilizing them to the best of your business’s ability to greatly improve customer service for existing and potential customers.

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