How VoIP Can Set Up Your International Business

By Ankit
February 21, 2022

Internet calls and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) are two different types of communications technologies. Using VoIP, participants can communicate anywhere they have Internet access. The benefits of VoIP are essential if you’re planning to expand your business internationally. We explain why in this article.

1. VOIP is Cost-Effective

A VoIP provider like offers free calling packages, which make VoIP up to 80% cheaper than traditional service. Voice-over IP services can be cheaper in a variety of ways. Here are some reasons why this is possible. Traditional phones are very expensive to use when calling long distances or abroad. A traditional phone, on the other hand, will require you to pay for a set amount of capacity, regardless of how much you use it. Among the questions you should ask are:

  • Is it necessary to have how many lines?
  • What will be the number of users?
  • In which countries will I make how many international calls?

VoIP services make it easy to manage “per user” payments; however, we shouldn’t undervalue its use and capabilities. The majority of the time, you only need to pay for the features that you need.

2. Installation and Maintenance are Simple

The installation and maintenance of traditional phone lines can be very challenging, especially if you are located far from the service provider. VoIP, by contrast, is straightforward to install and configure without the assistance of technical consultants or IT representatives.

As your broadband connection is used to power incoming and outgoing calls, there is no VoIP hardware or wiring required. In addition to video conferencing, having a phone that’s directly connected to your computer network is often beneficial when not relying only on video conferencing. You can add or remove users through a simple web portal.

3. VoIP Enables Users to be More Mobile and Flexible

VoIP allows you to integrate with a wide range of other systems, which improves business efficiency and streamlines internal workflow, immediately. Featuring features like video conferencing, file sharing, and CRM integration for email, tasks can be integrated. VoIP opens up a whole new world of communication.

If you travel frequently or are not always at your desk, VoIP can give users flexibility and mobility. Also, VoIP is affordable compared to mobile phone calls. Your VoIP call can be forwarded to your mobile phone or answering machine, if you are not at your desk, giving you a win-win situation for receiving and making calls on the go with a VoIP solution in place.

4. Voice Over IP Allows Your Business to Scale as It Grows

In the early stages of your international business, it can be challenging to anticipate the number of phone lines you will require. Adding or removing users doesn’t incur any additional fees with VoIP. Adding a new line only requires a few clicks. Additionally, if you need to scale back the process, existing lines can also be shifted or removed completely.

5. VoIP Makes You More Competitive Abroad

Using VoIP can make a business seem established and professional, regardless of how small it is. Many callers naturally expect and value its features of it. These days, IVRs, call forwarding, call waiting, auto attendant phone menus, and answering machines have become a standard.

VoIP technology provides, among other benefits, the ability to manage internal and external communications more conveniently and cost-effectively. Businesses with fewer resources will be able to communicate with potential customers at little or no cost, interact with partners and customers from afar, and compete with businesses abroad.

You’ll need a simple, cost-effective, and convenient communication solution to operate whether you’re an ex-pat working remotely or a small business starting out abroad.

Using VoIP to make business calls overseas is highly recommended. Unlimited international calls can be ensured by signing up for the right services. In the long run, VoIP telephony is cost-effective, secure, and convenient, and you can adjust the solution as your business grows. Your entire business can be equipped with a virtual phone system in minutes with the help of a trusted provider like Aircall. Just a laptop and internet connection is all that’s needed.

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