The Value of the PMP Certificate – The Best Version – Summary

January 20, 2023

Wide Scope of the Application, No Limitation to the Industry, and No Professional Restrictions on the Application

The PMP certification is not restricted by any industry and is applicable to IT, finance, construction, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, telecommunications, finance and communication fields, etc. It covers almost everything. In other words, no matter what industry you are in, as long as you do project management, the PMP certificate can be used.

Transformation Tool, A Knocking Brick from Other Positions to the Project Management 

For people who want to transform from non-management positions to management, the PMP certificate is undoubtedly a powerful brick in the wall. This is especially true for technical to managerial positions, as technical staff usually lack the systematic and theoretical knowledge when transitioning from technology to management. And the PMP acquisition process can improve the project operation level of grassroots staff and enable the integration of practical projects and theoretical knowledge.

Preferential Hiring for Companies

PMP is the gold standard for management positions and is a mandatory certificate. PMP is highly valued by many foreign companies and medium and large domestic enterprises, and many companies require senior project managers to pass the PMP certification. In some large enterprises in China, even PMP certification has become a mandatory qualification for project managers. Some companies recruiting for project management-related positions will clearly state that having a PMP certificate is preferred.

Priority for Salary Increase and Promotion

Many companies value the management ability of project managers, and some of their core departments will require the corresponding staff to hold a certificate, and even explicitly require candidates to have a PMP certificate PMP cciedump spoto when they are promoted or given a salary increase. In the enterprise, PMP will bring you more opportunities to enhance your own workplace competitiveness, such as new team formation, job adjustment, internal promotion, and salary increase, etc.

Extra Points for Corporate Bidding

When bidding for a company, the number of Project Management Professionals is used as an effective measure of the company’s strength. Internationally, PMP certification has also become a qualification for project tenders. Only companies with PMP-certified project managers are eligible to participate in tenders, and PMP certification is required for construction project managers.

For this reason, some companies will encourage their project managers to take the PMP exam and certification in batches. Some companies will conduct internal project management training and learning. And some companies will even encourage their employees to take the PMP exam with a promotion and salary increase incentive mechanism to help project managers improve project effectiveness, improve efficiency and win greater competitiveness for the company.

Personal Capacity Enhancement

When many project managers encounter bottlenecks in their career planning, they need to improve their own abilities to learn to receive new things and gain a bigger platform for development. By taking the PMP certification, you can really master the basic terms, knowledge, and skills of project management, which will show your ability as a project management professional in the real workplace. You will be able to work more effectively in accordance with the intentions of senior management, thus gaining more opportunities and a promotion and salary increase is within reach.

A Status Symbol for the Project Managers

Since the introduction of the PMP exam in China, the PMP has gradually developed into a status symbol for project management practitioners, who have the PMP certificate to show that they have the professionalism and necessary skills for project management. In some benchmark companies of many fields, PMP is the common language, and not knowing PMP is like not knowing English in a foreign company.

Official Proof of the Value of the PMP Certificate

According to the Project Management Job Growth and Talent Gap Report (2017-2027) of the Project Management Institute, which analyses project-oriented employment opportunities in 11 countries around the world, there will be 88 million vacancies in the global project management industry by 2027. Of these, China will account for more than half of the global total of project management job vacancies, at 46 million.

66% of those surveyed reported an increase in annual salary one year after obtaining the PMP certification. 91% had an increased project success rate after obtaining the PMP certification. In addition to the increase in salary, there are many other benefits that PMP certification brings to an individual, mainly in terms of improved project management expertise, improved leadership skills, more job opportunities, and expanded network resources, like the integration into the project management community. As you can see, the positive impact of PMP certification on individuals is multifaceted.

The survey shows that nearly 80% of organizations encourage project managers to obtain the PMP certification, indicating that not only is there a high level of recognition of the PMP at an individual level, but the value of the PMP is also highly recognized at an organization-wide level. When it comes to recruitment, 76% of organizations surveyed give preference to PMP holders. In addition, over 40% of survey respondents’ organizations pay for their employees to take and renew the PMP exam, demonstrating the importance and recognition of the PMP certification in these organizations.
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