5 Common Wedding Invitation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

January 30, 2023

Are you regretting that poorly written or uninspired wedding invitation that you sent out to friends and family? We’ve been there too, and it’s an awful feeling.

Be as prepared as possible for your upcoming wedding day. You need to know all the common wedding invitation mistakes so that you don’t make them yourself.

From the wording to the presentation, think about the details that your guests care about the most. By learning from others’ errors, you can make the most unforgettable wedding that you always dreamed of.

So, keep reading!

Failing to Provide Clear and Accurate Information

Wedding invitations are an important part of the wedding planning process. A well-written invitation will set the tone for the wedding. You should also ensure that your guests receive the information they need for the special day.

Common wedding invitation mistakes include forgetting to include accurate wedding invitation information. This includes the dress code or wedding registry, not addressing the envelopes, or having a text-heavy design. Double-check to make sure the names and addresses are correct and formatted correctly.

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Not Ordering Enough Invitations

One of the most common wedding invitation mistakes couples make is not ordering enough invitations. This is a mistake because it can be hard to guess how many people will RSVP yes or no. The couple may consider ordering 15-20% more invitations than the anticipated number of guests.

Additionally, the couple should give themselves enough time to spare in case they need to order extra invitations. Couples should also consider ordering a few blank inner envelopes to ensure they always have enough stock.

Not Allocating Enough Time for the RSVP Process

Not allocating enough time for the RSVP process is a common mistake when it comes to wedding invitations. It’s important to build in enough time for the RSVPs to be returned before the final guest list is complete.

You need 12 weeks at the minimum to accommodate this process. You also need to include the RSVP deadline, an address for people to return their responses, and a contact number for questions.

Not Proofreading All Text on Your Invitations

Not proofreading all text on your invitations is a mistake that many couples make when sending out invitations. This is further compounded when people cut and paste text or use templates.

To avoid this, take the time to go over each line of text to ensure the information is accurate. Read out loud what you have written to make sure that it flows.

Not Mindful of the Guidance on Proper Envelope Etiquette

Another on the list of common wedding invitation mistakes is improper envelope etiquette. When addressing envelopes for a wedding invitation, make sure to write out the full names of both the bride and groom. Using a combination of nicknames, first names, and last names are not recommended.

All words should be in capital letters, except for any titles such as Mr. or Ms. Don’t forget to include a stamp, as many people overlook this step. Remembering these proper wedding invitation etiquette will ensure that you will have luxury wedding invitations for your guests.

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Avoid These Common Wedding Invitation Mistakes Today

You should pay attention to details and ensure that all necessary information is clear and concise. From spacing between words to double-checking the address, taking the time to do things will avoid common wedding invitation mistakes.

This also will ensure that all your guests are on time and ready to celebrate your special day!

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