What is an Insurance Certificate to Cover the Cost of Moving (COI)

By Joseph
November 7, 2022

Suppose you are moving into or out of an apartment complex or condo. In that case, the building’s management might require that your moving company provide a certificate of the insurer for moving (COI) before them being even allowed to enter the building. If you are moving in or out, it’s required. The past was when requesting COI was a common procedure in bigger, more luxurious properties. In the past few years, it’s become more customary for brownstones and smaller structures to ask for a certificate.

Before making plans for your move, be sure to inquire with the building’s management if they require a COI from the moving company you are considering. It is best to ask about a COI before you schedule your relocation. This will ensure that everything goes smoothly. A COI will not put the client back any cash. It’s a fact. A moving service’s responsibility is to provide a moving certificate of insurance available to customers for no cost.

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Whose responsibility is to provide an insurance certification?

To protect their properties during the relocation process, building managers frequently request movers’ certificates of insurance from moving companies. Since there always is a chance of building damage as items are moved inside it, this is the reason why they require movers’ certificates of insurance. Trustworthy and reliable moving companies can provide proof of their insurance. To request the COI, customers need to call the moving company to provide additional information and to have the COI for moving made.

Most American rental properties and building management companies require prospective tenants to present insurance certificates before moving in. This is done so that the landlord cannot be held liable for any damages caused to the property when the tenant moves into the property.

The purpose of the moving certificate of insurance

The certificate of insurance is a document issued by an insurance provider that services the moving firm. The COI for moving confirms that the company carrying out the move is insured and outlines the coverage. The administration of the building recognizes that moving furniture or other items might occasionally result in inadvertent damage. Therefore, management will require documentation and proof from insured movers to ensure that the moving company is properly insured.

Two goals can be achieved by relocating COIs. First, they summarize information about different insurance options in just two or one page. In case of relocation, claims are filed, and they protect the named parties from any legal liability. ACORD is a common form of COI. ACORD is typically the most commonly used form for COIs. There are areas on the form reserved for vital information that describe your mover’s insurance policies. The terms of the policy determine the way the policy is used in the event of a claim being made.

These are the details of the Certificate of Insurance

  • Cargo Insurance.
  • Automotive Insurance.
  • Umbrella Coverage.
  • Insurance against Legal Obligations.
  • Accidents and occupational illnesses.

Most building owners need coverage levels of at least two million dollars. However, certain structures like landmarks and large condos may need more. Therefore, confirming that COI NYC local movers are authorized to provide the necessary amount is essential.

How to get an insurance certificate from the moving company?

A certificate of insurance is available for purchase at no cost. When you move into a condo or apartment complex, it’s important to inquire with the management of the building about whether or not a COI is needed and the amount of coverage required. Contact your moving company and provide all the necessary information regarding those to whom the COI must be given if the building management indeed demands one. Furthermore, the following COI requirements are necessary:

  • Name of the supervisor responsible for building management.
  • Information on how to reach the building’s management, with email addresses, phone numbers, fax lines, and office telephone numbers.

It could take up to a few hours before you can issue the COI. If the COI is required before the move or at the time, request it before the move. Moving insurance NYC could be provided to the client or handed directly to the administrator. Many of our customers advise requesting the COI before booking to avoid any issues later on the day.

It’s possible that the COI is not given yet, and the movers are not allowed access to the facility. This is the most unpleasant scenario. Due to this delay, moving will take longer than planned, and additional fees will have to be paid for the additional working time. If done incorrectly, moving could be a difficult and time-consuming task. Moving is a risky business. There is always the chance that something will break or someone could be injured. A valid certificate proves that the company providing the service has the financial resources to cover future liability claims. Companies that provide moving services without insurance aren’t safeguarding their employees, customers, or business.

A helpful hint: even though your building management doesn’t require proof of insurance from your mover service, it is still advisable to request one. If your moving company cannot give you an insurance policy, it probably means that they don’t have insurance, which is a major warning.

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