5 Major Considerations Before Hiring a Dehumidifier

February 8, 2022

Are you having breathing or sleeping problems due to the high humidity? According to Current Results, the most humid place in Australia is Ballarat, Victoria, with an average morning humidity of 81%. If your environment’s relative humidity is higher than normal, you should hire a dehumidifier. This can bring the humidity within the best indoor range of 35% to 60%. But before that, there are some considerations you should make before availing of this service, which include:


This is important based on the size of the area where you need to remove humidity from the air. For example, portable units are small appliances that you can roll around from room to room. These units are ideal for individual dehumidifying rooms in your home.

Meanwhile, a larger unit is better when you need industrial-grade air-drying. This is mostly for commercial properties. It’s critical to prevent moisture’s negative effects to protect museum artifacts, data centers, and the like in such situations.

Larger units tend to be pricier, but the price could be worthwhile. In handling museum artifacts, official documents, and drugstore pharmaceuticals, where the items’ value is priceless, it would be worthy of hiring a dehumidifier.

When picking a dehumidifier, make sure to consider the unit’s rating in terms of liters or cubic meters. Small units tend to have a liter rating, while larger units typically have a cubic meter rating.

Portable Dehumidifiers 

These units can be easily moved to different rooms. It’s ideal when you want a mobile unit that can be moved from room to room or even building to building. These units are more convenient as they have smaller sizes and wheels, making them more mobile than larger units.

While these units are smaller, you can still find features like galvanized steel bodies and high-efficiency air filters. They’re perfect for reducing a room’s relative humidity to an optimum level under 60%. 

Desiccant Dehumidifiers 

This is a technical term for ‘drying’. It’s ideal for places like:

  • Museums
  • Pharmacies
  • Law Offices
  • Factories
  • Laboratories

In these places, it’s essential to remove moisture from the atmosphere and protect items like documents and artifacts.  

Desiccant dehumidifiers are generally used for industrial uses, but they are also apt for residential use if you have collectibles or documents that must be protected from moisture, for example. 


When renting dehumidifiers, you can enjoy significant savings versus purchasing units. This is especially true if you’re securing one for single events like a birthday party, for example. The cost of the rental is only a fraction of the cost of purchasing a brand new appliance.

In other situations, you might need a dehumidifier rental until you can save up enough money to purchase a new one. This is another practical reason to pick hiring over purchasing.

Industry Experience

When renting a dehumidifier, it’s crucial to pick a company with the right amount of industry experience. You can find some companies with several decades or even about a half-century of experience in the dehumidifier market. They can be beneficial in terms of products and service.

When you want to breathe easier, sleep better, or boost comfort, a practical option is to hire a dehumidifier. This affordable option can maintain good health and protect perishable items like documents, disks, and artifacts.

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