What You Should Ask Remodeling Contractors

February 8, 2022

Remodeling is a big investment in terms of finances, time, and other resources. It’s therefore imperative that you do due diligence when choosing a contractor. You want to engage one who has a wealth of experience, great reviews, and competitive prices. You also do not want to get into trouble with authorities due to permits and licenses and mandatory requirements from the contractor. 

Choosing a remodeler who is fully licensed and insured is a no-brainer. If you are looking for such a contractor ACA Remodeling Inc. has the expertise, exemplary service and has been tried and tested through the many years that they have been in the industry. Below we explore some of the questions you should ask a remodeling contractor before engaging them.

How Long Have You Been in the Business?

A company that has been in the industry for a long time has working systems and controls in place. Their many years of experience cannot be underestimated. It means they can handle big projects and easily mitigate unforeseen circumstances. They are also well versed with the government requirement hence no guesswork. 

However, you should not dismiss new remodeling contractors in the industry. There are many instances where individuals break up from major companies, forming a small company and beginning afresh. If they have all the credentials and prerequisite experience, give them a chance.

Can You Share Your Key Referrals and Testimonials?

A great remodeling contractor should have several clients who can give good testimonials about their services. You can try to establish if they have major clients that are well known. This communicates trust. Ask If they have referrals elsewhere, such as online reviews. 

Find out what past clients are saying. Check their page on Yelp, Google reviews, and even their social media pages if possible. People have a way of rating businesses on social media, especially when they are dissatisfied. Find out if they are on Better Business Bureau (BBB) and what their rating is. A rating of A+ and above on BBB indicates clients highly trust a company with very minimal complaints.

Are You Licensed?

Different states have different guidelines when it comes to contractors. Some require contractors to have an operating license, and others require them to have industry-specific credentials. To be certified, they may be required to pass some specific tests and be members of a professional body. To be on the safe side, ensure that they have the specific license required for remodelers.

Are You Insured?

Engaging a remodeling contractor who is not insured is a dangerous venture to you and the person working in your home. In case of an accident, you are liable. To avoid expensive lawsuits, ensure the contractor is fully insured and that the insurance includes everyone that will be working on your premises. You need to see proof of the liability and workers’ insurance before you engage them.

Do You Have Warranties and Guarantees?

These two are meant to cover you as a client. A remodeling project can take a few months, and things can go wrong. You may experience water leaks, cracks, and even damp patches. Without a warranty, you are on your own. A warranty binds the contractor to make free corrections if there are issues within a stipulated period. 

Always ensure that you carefully read the warranty and guarantees, as some come with unfavorable clauses. For instance, you may be required to provide the materials needed for repair since most warranties cover workmanship and labor. Most warranties last for five years, and this means in case of any eventuality, they should be able to come back and rectify the problem.

How Long Will the Project Take?

You need to know the estimated time of completion after the project begins. Considering the remodeling may require you to change your lifestyle, you need to be sure how long this takes. Some projects include bringing walls down and rebuilding. You do not want this to take several months as it’s a great inconvenience. If they cannot quote a specific timeline, let them give an estimate so that you can plan.

Is the Contract Fixed or Cost -Plus?

Many clients get caught up by not enquiring what these two contracts mean. A fixed contract revolves around a fixed quote, and as a client, you are supposed to pay the agreed amount upon completion. It is assumed that the contractor had widely consulted and made the right estimations.

When it comes to a cost-plus contract, both direct and indirect costs are covered. Usually, you end up spending more than what you had initially estimated since some contractors inflate costs.

Always ensure you do due diligence when selecting your remodeling contractors. It could cost you more than just the remodel if you do not do the proper research beforehand.

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