When Can Candidates Take CCNA Certification Exam Every Year?

February 8, 2022

The full name of CCNA is Cisco Certified Network Associate. And Cisco is the largest network equipment company in the world. According to the IT certification exam resource website, the CCNA certificate is the primary technical certificate in the Cisco certification system. Passing CCNA certification marks the ability to install, configure, run and troubleshoot medium-sized routing and switching networks. A CCNA engineer can establish connections with remote sites through WAN, eliminate basic security threats, understand wireless network access skills, and use IP, EIGRP, serial line interface protocol, frame relay, RIPv2, VLAN, Ethernet, and access control list (ACL).

Basic qualifications for applying for CCNA certification exam (<a href=”https://cciedump.spoto.net/lab-dumps.php”>ccielab</a>): no restrictions

  • Educational background: there are no requirements for candidates’ educational background to apply for CCNA certification.
  • Ability: have interest in the Internet, understand the basic network concept, preferably with English grammar foundation of high school.
  • Exam fee: 295 US dollars for each exam.
  • Exam time: you can apply for the examination at any time at your convenience.
  • Exam location: you can apply at the VUE exam center.

Candidates can take the exam can on weekdays (from Monday to Friday). You can register and apply for the electronic or paper certificate once you pass it. However, you have to apply for the exam a week or so in advance. You can go directly to the exam center or sign up for the exam through the training agency. You must provide your personal ID number, name and Pinyin, email address (for receiving Cisco-related mail notification), and the exam fee (usually 169 US dollars to 192 US dollars).

Reference books for Cisco CCNA certification

To learn CCNA certification, the basic requirement includes mastering basic computer knowledge (switch on and off the computer) and elementary English (phonetic alphabet and letters).

If you want to learn by yourself, the most recommended book is CCNA Learning Guide. This book is produced in China, and it is very easy to understand. It should be said that it is the most suitable book for novices.

Next, the recommended introductory books are two official CCNA textbooks of Cisco:

  • Cisco Network Device Interconnection (ICND1) (2nd Edition)
  • Cisco Network Device Interconnection (ICND2) (3rd Edition)

These two books cover all the contents of CCNA and are suitable for self-study.

Through these three books which cost about 15 US dollars, you can completely learn CCNA certification. You can download a virtual machine to practice the command. However, the CCNA certificate is not as important as it was a few years ago. If you want to work in the network industry, you have to further apply for CCNP certification.

You can also learn for CCNP by yourself, and the following are three official textbooks:

  • CCNP ROUTE (642-902) Certification Guide
  • CCNP SWITCH (642-813) Certification Guide
  • CCNP TSHOOT (642-832) Certification Guide

If you think self-study is of low efficiency, you’d better find a training institution with equipment, so that you can learn fast. And registration for the exam through the training institution also includes preferential treatment. SPOTO provides you with high-quality CCNP certification training courses, the latest exam dumps, and advanced equipment.

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