Four Reasons Hospitals May Require a BSN Degree to Consider You for the Job

March 30, 2023

Better education of nurses surely has a lot to contribute to the quality of healthcare services. With increased knowledge and information, nurses are more equipped to deliver effective treatment. When nurses upgrade their education, they get exposure to the latest research and surveys through their curriculum. This increases their proficiency in treating diseases through the use of advanced techniques. It is beneficial for hospitals, patients, and nurses on a broader scale.

Newer treatment plans involve using the latest technology, saving time, and decreasing failure rates. Thus nurses are expected to upgrade their knowledge and skills with these advancements. In addition to that latest healthcare plans pay heed to cut down the need for excessive equipment, which conserves a lot of resources. That is why hospitals prefer professionals with enough research to follow these plans. Every patient wishes for a timely recovery. Therefore, everyone appreciates receiving treatment by qualified nurses. 

Why, as a Nurse, Should You Think of Upgrading Your Degree to BSN?

Learning should be a lifelong process. You should never let your desire to become and do better pass away. Today getting yourself upgraded to BSN from a registered nurse is no big deal. You can manage it with your duty hours. During this pandemic, various research institutes have started giving online classes to nurses for multiple courses. In fact, you can interact with teachers conduct live sessions on-demand for queries from home.

However, many registered nurses are skeptical about the quality of online BSN programs. If you are amongst them, simply search for common questions about earning your RN to BSN online, and you will see various posts answering a lot of queries. You will also find several nurses who have shared their two cents on different programs and institutes carrying out these online courses underneath many of these posts. With that being said, here are some major reasons why many hospitals may now require a BSN degree to consider you as a candidate.

1. Lower Failures and Greater Success Rates

Research unanimously supports that getting a higher degree makes you better equipped to deal with cases. According to the Future of Nursing study released by the Institute of Medicine, nurses with a BSN degree were more competent to provide timely and effective treatment to rescue patients. According to the data collected by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, nurses with a bachelor’s degree showed lesser patient mortality rates and lesser failures. In addition, they exhibited greater rescue rates and greater proficiency at diagnoses and assessing the cases that require their immediate intervention.

This is because when you study through reliable and accredited institutes, they educate you to change your perspective as a nurse. You become more proficient in handling emergencies. Your skills to react and analyze a patients’ condition broaden. On the whole, you are more confident, and on the part of the hospital, they can boast about having confident nursing staff.

2. Better Management Roles

Like better health care providers, hospitals need professional and skilled management staff. There is thus a great need to recruit nurses with a BSN degree to form strong management for the health care facility. Many hospitals consider mandating a BSN degree because nurses pursuing higher education are more experienced and skilled to handle managerial roles. When all the nurses at the hospital have at least a BSN, there will be more candidates for a leadership role. Getting upgraded from RN to BSN means exposure to advanced policies and trends that strengthen the management team.

3. More Exposure to Research and Greater Research Experience 

Owing to their roles in providing care to patients with many diseases, nurses need to know the advancing trends and ways. This will benefit the hospital since its staff will be qualified to provide the most advanced treatment. Newer BSN programs have given immense importance to adding the latest research and surveys in the curriculum, forcing students to get and stay in touch with the latest happenings in the health sector.  

An RN to BSN degree program creates an environment where nurses learn new skills and ways to incorporate them into their work. Since the major goal is to provide effective treatment and increase the number of patients considering your services, hospitals are giving it much attention. This gives them the major benefit of becoming better in terms of better staff and competent professionals. The Future of Nursing study released by the Institute of Medicine also revealed that nurses with a BSN prove more valuable to the hospitals since they possess better research and evaluation skills. No facility would want to hire professionals that are just a bunch of people with basic skills while others recruit professionals that are more capable of providing effective health care. Hence, a BSN degree requirement is becoming more common. Through this standard level set for the new hiring, they ensure that their staff is more knowledgeable and efficient in their job.

4. Be Able to Use the Latest Technology

To make health care better for their patients, hospitals install new equipment and technological pieces in the facility. Therefore they expect their professionals to not only know how to operate them but excel at them. Therefore the major reason many hospitals are paying attention to upgrading the degrees of their nursing staff or considering recruiting only qualified nurses lies in this dual interest. With quality nursing staff in the facility, they aim to attract more patients. Secondly, their focus is on providing patients with the best possible health outcomes through advanced equipment.


Though we do not see an amendment in the law to add a BSN degree as a compulsory requirement as of now, according to many hospitals, the day is coming sooner than later. According to an official recommendation, 80% of all nurses were expected to get a BSN degree by the end of 2020. On the part of nurses, earning a bachelor’s degree makes them better prepared for the rigorous demands of their patients and qualifies them for better salaries and promotion. For the hospitals, it means a staff that is more equipped to tackle various cases and handle them in advanced ways. 

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