The LG Refrigerator Does Not Freeze

November 15, 2022

One of the most common problems: the refrigerator compartment does not freeze. The reason can be either a minor malfunction, a failure in the control system, or a serious breakdown. If you are faced with such a problem, do not panic: it is quite possible that you will not have to buy new equipment. And the repair is not so troublesome and expensive; call an LG refrigerator repair Montreal master in time.


So, what is the first thing to do if you suddenly find that your refrigerator is working but not freezing? Be sure to check the condition of the second chamber, if there is one, this will tell you a lot about what happened to the equipment. Let’s break down the options for why a refrigerator or freezer does not freeze in different cases.

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Simple Malfunctions

Sometimes the refrigerator works and the freezer doesn’t freeze, sometimes it’s the other way around, and sometimes the temperature rises in all the chambers. If the unit has a defrost button, chances are it was accidentally pressed while loading food the day before. If so, the refrigerator will start cooling again after a full defrost cycle. Otherwise, you can look for signs of the following minor breakdowns:

The rubber seal on the door is damaged. Particularly likely if the unit has been in use for a long time, has only one compressor, and only the top chamber of the refrigerator does not freeze, for example. In this case, warm air gets in and raises the temperature. The badly fitting part of the rubber should be well washed; when it dries, lubricate with vegetable oil. In case of mechanical damage, cracks in the bends, and similar damages, the seal will have to be completely replaced.

If the entire refrigerator is malfunctioning, with both compartments not freezing, turning it off may help. Check the case manually, looking for a possible place for overheating. Let the refrigerator cool down; it may not freeze for this very reason. Also, check the distance between the cabinet and the wall: it should not be less than 10 cm; otherwise, such troubles will happen regularly.

In addition to a visual inspection, you can use a tester to determine if there is voltage to the motor. It is possible that the thermostat is the cause of the malfunction and has failed. The way to fix the problem is to replace the part.

If you don’t know how or don’t want to do the repair yourself, contact an LG refrigerator repair company in Montreal. 

Difficult Cases

However, sometimes simple remedies are powerless, the refrigerator still does not freeze after defrosting, and the source of the problem cannot be found. Therefore, the diagnosis should be entrusted to a specialist. This is what a good repairman pays attention to in the first place:

The refrigerator hums but does not freeze. If the refrigerator motor is constantly on, but the chamber does not freeze, you should find out why this happens. The most common cause is a freon leak due to a factory defect during assembly, excessive vibration from improper installation, or careless transportation. It is necessary to find the leak, fix it and refill the cooling system with gas. By the way, the more time has passed from the moment the breakage was detected to the visit of a master, the more chances that the condenser will also have to be replaced.

The motor starts but quickly stops running. There may be three possible causes: burned motor winding, broken starting relay, or hole in the capacitor. The main causes are improper wiring and a power surge. Under certain circumstances, the capacitor and relay can be repaired, but the motor must be replaced.

The motor operates normally. Most often, the refrigerator of the No Frost system does not freeze in this mode, and among the possible causes is the failure of the electric heat exchanger. In this case, the defrosting required by the system does not occur, and the chamber cooling fan and other parts may malfunction. A complete inspection is possible only after defrosting. The solution to the problem is to repair or replace the heating element.

No matter how complicated the refrigerator repair is, the work should be done by an experienced LG refrigerator repair Montreal technician. By giving the dispatcher the details (refrigerator make and model, signs of trouble), you can estimate when your fridge will work again and start cooling food as usual.

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