Why Motorists in Thailand Are Turning to Two Wheels

February 8, 2022

If you live in Thailand, you can’t help but notice the surge in the numbers of big bikes on the roads and there are many reasons for this. There is an undeniable appeal to climbing on a powerful superbike and with a tropical climate and some of the best roads in the world, Thailand is ideal for big bike riding. What’s not to like about sitting astride a bike and exploring the rural areas of Thailand?

Fantastic Infrastructure

Many people would tell you that King Rama V, who ruled a century ago, was responsible for the infrastructure we see in Thailand today. Foreign tourists are amazed at the 6-lane highways that run through Thailand, from south to north, indeed, many rent big bikes while in the country and tour their favorite regions. The only downside is that you cannot ride on the expressways or toll roads, but with top-class A roads, you can get from A to B.

Cheaper Transportation

When you look at the running costs of a car, swapping to two wheels offers the chance to save a lot of money, not only on fuel, insurance and maintenance are also much lower with a bike. Search online for an affordable type 1 motorbike insurance provider and you’ll get a good idea of how much you can save by selling the car and buying a big bike. Thailand is planning to introduce new laws regarding motorcycle licenses, which limit novice riders to a small bike (250cc), but if you are quick, you can ride a big bike on a regular bike license.

Great Weather

With no sub-zero weather, Thailand is ideal for motorcycle riding; of course, there is the rainy season, but a lightweight rain suit will protect you from a sudden downpour. Even though it is hot in Thailand, you still have to wear rugged protective clothing and gear when bike riding, with the following:

  • Good quality full-face crash helmet 
  • Leather motorcycle jacket
  • Leather bike pants
  • Motorcycle gloves
  • Motorcycle boots

While this is quite an investment, if you buy good quality, it will last you a lifetime and with the best protection, injuries will be minor if you ever come off the bike.

Freedom & Independence

When you ride a big bike, you have the freedom of the open road and you can go anywhere at any time. Explore the amazing roads in the north of Thailand and there are resorts where you can book overnight accommodation. The south also has some great roads and Google Maps will prove to be invaluable if you plan short holidays. Click here for information about auto loans.

Buying a Bike

Of course, there are quite a few bike manufacturers who have excellent machines and you can browse online until you find a model that you like and book a test ride. Take your time when looking at bikes, whether new or used, and the bike dealer would be able to offer low-interest finance, to spread the payments over a couple of years. If you sell the car, you won’t need to finance the bike purchase and you would have some money left over.

The cost of gasoline and diesel is always on the rise and the cheap cost of servicing your bike makes it an attractive proposition and if you don’t like the idea of not having a car, keep it and add a bike to your vehicle collection. Here is some information about applying for a Thai driving license.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can speed on a bike, as the Thai police do use up-to-date technology that includes speed cameras.

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