Reasons Students Struggle with Math and Statistics Homework

February 8, 2022

Both mathematics and statistics are challenging subjects, and anytime a student has to solve their homework paper from these subjects, they feel clammy and overwhelmed. However, this is not how it should be. Of course, the subjects are challenging and tricky, but that does not mean that you cannot ace in it. But, from our experience with many students over the years, we have established that there are some standard reasons because of which students struggle with the homework, particularly from these two subjects – math and statistics.   

Let us get started and address these reasons one by one. 

Fundamentals are Not Clear

One of the most important reasons for an eternal struggle with mathematics and statistics is that the basics are unclear. Naturally, when your fundamentals are not strong, how will you build on that knowledge. Think of fundamentals as the building blocks, so you must lay the foundation before you progress further. If your foundation is not strong, your blocks will collapse for sure. Hence, if you have a thorough understanding of the basics, grasping further concepts will not be difficult. Now, the problem is even if your concepts are not clear, your professor will not stop teaching, and you will get assignments for every concept too. Naturally, for someone with insufficient knowledge, failure, and low grades are inevitable. In this scenario, you can outsource that particular assignment while you continually focus on working on your basics. So, the next time you get an assignment, you can solve it yourself, or you can find reputed statistics homework experts at TopAssignmentExperts. They can provide you with the right aid to ensure that you excel in the assignments. 

Not Practicing Enough

As a student, you have a myriad of assignments to deal with on an everyday basis. Hence, it gets challenging for you to find time for anything beyond struggling with the assignments. There is no time to practice more than what’s been taught. Often students even fail to revise and review what’s taught in class. So, suppose there is a math concept that you know for certain that you can do easily, sans any help, and another math concept needs further practice to solidify your understanding. In that case, you need to focus on the latter more. You can outsource your former math homework from ThanksForTheHelp experts because that is something you can easily do. Naturally, when you outsource one assignment, you will free some time, and you can easily use that time to master the second concept. Thus, you will no longer struggle with any homework. For proper practice, you can solve past year question papers, sample questions, and questions from other subject resources. 

They are Lengthy, Complicated, and Boring

Both math and statistics are relatively complicated subjects, which require a lot of time and sincere dedication. However, these are not the two subjects that the students have to deal with. Every subject will have assignments. So, there will be days when you will be challenged by 2-3 assignments to be worked on in a day, that the complexity of the stats or math homework will demotivate you from picking it up. If you are already overwhelmed with plenty of assignments, it is okay to outsource the assignments. EduWorldUSA experts can assist you with the same. While they tackle your long and boring assignments, you can focus on the other things in your timetable. 

Not Paying Attention in Class

Typically, the homework you get from your professor is based on the concepts you learn in the class. So, be very attentive when the teacher is teaching in the class, try to grasp all the concepts being taught, and make notes around it. Also, when you go back home, revise these notes. Then, when you are up-to-date with what’s been taught in the class, solving the homework around it would not be difficult. 

Inability to Keep Pace with Teaching Method

Well, in a classroom, not everyone has the same level of understanding. So, naturally, the pace at which you grasp the concepts will not be at par with others. Some may learn faster than you, while others will learn slower than you. Also, if you are studying in a class of 30 or 50, your teacher might be unable to strike this balance. So, if you are unable to keep pace, you can look for an online math or statistics course, wherein you learn individually and grasp the vital concepts to excel in your homework. In an online one-on-one session, your teacher will modify their teaching methods in a manner that works best for you. Naturally, when the educator sees that there is a particular concept that you are struggling with, they will change the method and simplify it further for your easy understanding. 

They Do Not Like the Subject

We have also encountered some students who simply despise math, and they keep running from it. Naturally, if there is something that you do not spend adequate time on, you are bound to struggle with it. So, if you want to inspire in you the love of mathematics, read the guide here.  

Bottom Line

So, these are a few of the many reasons why students struggle with statistics and math homework. But, always remember the solution is simple – Practice, practice, and practice! There is nothing that you cannot master with adequate practice. So, work hard, and practice well. You are bound to be adept at the subject if you give it sufficient time and practice. Have some tips to help those struggling with their math or statistics homework? Please share with us in the comments below. Your valuable tips can surely help our readers.

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