6 Men Timepieces to “Watch” Out For In 2023

January 20, 2023

 Timepieces have been a staple accessory for men ever since. Despite the pandemic, this still holds to this very day. Though most people are still continually confined to their homes, there are still things to look forward to, such as these exquisite watches just waiting to be worn. After all, some people buy a few timepieces that can also serve as an investment or a family heirloom. Even during the pandemic, it seems that there is nothing that can stop people to keep buying quality watches. With that, here are some of our favorite timepieces for 2023.

1. Rolex 126660-0002

Rolex has been a staple in the watch game since its conception 1905, and with good reason. With their timepieces being some of the most sought after due to their beauty and their build, it is no wonder Rolex has stayed on top of their game. The Rolex 126660-0002 is no exception to this. Featuring a sapphire cover on stainless steel, this watch is both simple yet classy. More than just this, it is equipped with the Rolex Calibre 3225 top of the line technology to ensure perfect precision in all its movements. With Breguet hands and water resistance of up to 3900 meters, this member of the Sea-Dweller family ensures that you look good both at the beach and at the office. This is the go-to timepiece if you want to look instantly sleek in your outfit. 

2. Ressence Black Type 3X Limited Edition

Being founded in 2010, Ressence is relatively new to the watch industry. Do not let that fool you, however. In a small span of 10 years, this company has come up with some of the world’s most elegant watches. The Ressence Black Type 3X Limited Edition is one of these. With its new revolutionary design that replaces nuts and cogs with a patented system that places all windows on a single surface underneath a sapphire cover, this watch is one timepiece to look forward to. As if that were not enough, it operates using a magnetic transmission connector ensuring long battery life and smooth performance. With the Ressence Black Type 3X, you are always sure to be in style.

3. Rado Captain Cook Bronze

There is just something about Swiss technology that puts them up there in the watch industry, and the Rado Captain Cook Bronze is yet another exemplary specimen that proves this. Based on the British explorer who discovered New Zealand, this watch is a discovery to behold. With its enduring case material made of du jour bronze, its elegant forest green dial, and its water-resistance of up to 30 meters, this timepiece is a must-have for both land lovers and sea dwellers alike.

4. Oris Hangang Limited Edition 01

The man is rarely able to relate something as mechanical as a watch to nature, and yet Oris has done just this with their Hangang Limited Edition 01. Taking inspiration from Korea’s Hangang river, this ties up between the timepiece giant and the Korea Federation for Environmental Movements features a beautiful emerald green dial alongside an engraved case back that showcases the Korean river’s path. More than just its exquisite looks, portions of its proceeds go towards cleanup operations towards that same Korean river. Whether you are an environmentalist who wants to support a cause or just wants to look fancy in any of your clothes, the Oris Hangang Limited Edition 01 is a must-have in anyone’s timepiece list.

5. Richard Mille RM 11-05

Yet another relative newcomer to the watch game, Richard Mille was established only in 2001. Despite this, however, they have come up with some of the most unique timepieces the world has to offer. As seen in their RM 11-05 that features material as light as titanium and as durable as diamonds, their futuristic designs are indeed a sight to behold. Equipped with a “Flyback” function, a GMT indicator, and an annual calendar, the RM 11-05 is truly a testament to the company’s vision of having a “racing machine on the wrist”.

6. Hublot Big Bang e

When you think of a “luxury watch”, you often think of analog watches with exquisite mechanical workings. This timepiece is a dream come true for most watch collectors. Hublot, however, changes this definition with their digital addition to the market in the form of the Big Bang e. Featuring Google developed software called the Wear OS, this watch is equipped with an OLED high definition touchscreen alongside a sapphire crystal cover. With a memory capacity of up to 8GB, a “time-only” analog function as well as a lunar calendar, and a tracker that changes color over the day, the Hublot Big Bang e is a watch built for both geeks and watch lovers alike.

Get the right accessories for 2023! 

There are a lot of timepieces to choose from, depending on your budget and taste. With such a list of exquisite timepieces with modern classic designs such as the Rolex 126660-0002 to the revolutionary digital Hublot Big Bang e, there is sure to be a watch meant for you. With that, these are our top picks for wristwatches to watch out for in 2023. For the best prices, make sure to check out www.watchshopping.com, and you might even score some timepieces with a discount. Which one on the list is your favorite? Make sure to share this list with your friends!

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