Instagram Bots: Get The Best of Them and Boost Your Social Presence

November 25, 2022

We all know that it’s all about creating valuable content on social media platforms, but at some point, it’s not JUST about creating valuable content. The VALUE we are talking about is often measured by the number of followers, likes, and comments we get through that content. 

This is what makes us look for some alternate source of generating more likes and comments in a short span of time. But is that even possible? What if I tell you yes? Instagram comment bot extension is one of the latest digital marketing tools that can boost your IG performance and can bring you real followers. But what exactly is an Instagram bot? Let’s dive in and get to know all along with the list of top comment bots Instagram free as well. 

What are Instagram Bots?

Instagram Bots are basically those helping hands that are designed predominantly to help you perform actions such as liking, commenting, and following relatable pages and creators on Instagram. This is done through automation, and zero human efforts are required. These are the actions that the Instagram influencer does daily but it is also a lot time-consuming. This is why such Instagram bots are of so much use these days. 

Not just that, these bots can perform various other functions as well, like scheduling a post, locating relevant hashtags, etc. With automated tasks, creators can focus on creating content, not the secondary aspects. 

So this was about the Instagram bot, let’s also have a brief introduction about the Instagram comment bot extension and get to know what that is and how it works. 

What is an Instagram Comment Bot?

Instagram comment bots are those automated robots that majorly focus on posting and replying to comments on Instagram posts. There are two types of comment bots-

The traditional comment bots are computer programs that automatically post comments on Instagram posts. They can be used to publicize a business and to get more engagement. 

The new types of Instagram comment bots on the other hand are 100% Instagram-approved and are automated DM and comment bots. With DM automation, the bot itself will automatically reply to any user who comments on your Instagram post, story, mention, or even Direct Message. 

Now that you have comprehended IG commenters and what they are used for, let’s also get to know how Instagram combats with such things and manages its algorithm. 

Instagram’s Algorithm and How It Combats Bots in 2022

This whole process began in 2019 when Instagram began implementing effective curves and changed its algorithm for the use of automated bots. And now in 2022, Instagram is close to closing where it all started and has begun aligning it. 

However, Instagram is indeed quite private about keeping its bot detection private. And users have stated in their various experiences that Instagram reduces various activities that took place with these automated bots. 

The interaction thresholds are quite not certain, they mainly vary with each user’s historical and present app usage. 

Insight- The account interaction threshold is basically the number of interactions an account can perform per hour or day. And with the current updates in 2022, each account interaction thresholds are unique. 

Instagram threshold determination

The Best Instagram Comment Bots in 2022

There might be just one most used bot but it is better to have a look at them all and know which one matches your requirements and can render you the best service of them all. Let’s have a look: 

Name Key Specialty 
Flamista Effective 
Followyst Effective 
Inflact Gives the best value 
Intsamber Cheapest of them all 
Story Voter ProComes with the latest generation automation 
Nitro Easy to use 
Flock Social Easy to use 


The one that is the most effective at the moment is Flamista. Its services start at $25 per month and the reason that it is most effective is that it is one of the latest ones. Not just that, it even has great customer service which makes it quite reliable too. 

However, if you are looking for Instagram comment bot Android, you can check out Followyst. It starts at around $35 USD and is also quite loved by the users at the moment. 

Best Value

If you are looking for something with the best value, Inflact is your way to go. It is developed by the people behind Ingrammer and has already gained quite a lot of fame for its reliability and the value of automation space. 

It also comes with some unique features as well as stories viewer, post automation, DM manager, profile analyzer, hashtags manager, and many more that can help you generate better content and improve engagement. It starts at $57 per month. 

Inflact assists its users with responsive customer services, excellent grouping features, and many more such features while keeping their accounts safe and protected. In fact, along with presenting the best value, it is the safest automation service in the market at the moment. 


If you are looking for something with minimal cost and a great deal then Instamber can be the one for you. It starts at just $15 per month and will assist you with all the basic features, regular updates, replies to comments, along with splendid customer service. 

Don’t get fooled away by the price, it has so much more to offer for just $15. It even offers a much safer and more effective feature for Android devices, called Social Bridge. This is an individual app that uses your IP address and detects your usage pattern. This helps the device delete all the sensitive bot patterns and creates a very low, equal to zero-risk interaction with any such bot based on your promotions. 

Latest Generation Automation 

If you are looking for something new with the latest automation features, Story Voter Pro from Hyper is a must-try. The software is specially built for users that haven’t been successfully able to get the desired number of likes and comments on their profiles. 

It even lets you automate and scale the process of viewing stories and voting for their polls (if any). It also generates more and more authentic comments to our profile along with automatically replying to them at the same time. 


Another top comment bot for Instagram free is Nitreo. It has been a while now since this one has been around. It offers a lot of exceptional features. All you have to do is share your email address to their website and you can immediately get started with it right away. 

They help you reply to comments on Instagram automatically and will even help you source real comments along with followers to land on your Instagram page or profile within a quick span of time. 

Comments are basically social proof that helps generate credibility and social proof for your profile. Comments can also be a source of positive reviews that will build a sense of trust amongst your new clients/followers on Instagram.

Another perfect and straightforward Instagram comment bot extension is Flock Social. The platform is more than just an Instagram comment bot, it offers you to grow your social profile in a much more holistic manner than any other tool/bot. And that’s not even its best part, its best part is that it lets you differentiate between the fake and the authentic followers as well as comments. 

Pros and Cons of Instagram Bots

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages, this is why before hopping on to anything new, it’s better to have a look all over it and see if it’s the best choice for us. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of Instagram bots-

Pros Cons 
Most of them are not that expensive and quite affordable. There are possibilities of bots spamming other accounts which people do not appreciate that much. 
They are a great source of boosting your social presence and building credibility for your content as well. Bots can be a source of scams. You cannot trust anyone, especially when it comes to buying something online. 
Each of these bots can be customized according to your needs and requirements. 
You can even schedule a task and have it done at the desired time. 
Some bots are built with the latest automation technologies that can even track analytics related to your account. 

No doubt, Instagram comment bots can save a massive chunk of time for you and can even help you build an organic audience base, but on the same hand it is also quite very easy for Instagram to ban or block a spam account, and an account can be marked as spam if Instagram detects too much fake activity on it. Although it can be recovered again, that’s a long process. 

In fact, there have been times when people don’t even like having bots sending them to follow requests or replying to their comments. Let’s have a look at what users have to say about having bots on Instagram. 

user’s response to Instagram bots


Here are some frequently asked questions about Instagram comment bots-

Ans: People have been trying to find the best Instagram comment bot for their profiles from all the sources they possibly can. Reddit is one of them, ‘Instagram comment bot Reddit’ is one of the queries raised by users on the platform.

Ans: It basically depends on your requirements, affordability, and the duration of time you want one.

Ans: Instagram comment bots can be a really trustworthy source of kick-starting your success on social media platforms. We all know how over-saturated these online networking platforms are, and this is why social media is becoming one of the leading sources of marketing for influencers and businesses. These bots can help you build a community with authentic and genuine followers.

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