Emberify: An Ultimate Guide for Businesses to Use Instagram Reels

February 15, 2023

Instagram is an excellent platform to develop any kind of business. So, this is why many marketers are using Instagram to sell their products. But they also follow secret tactics to succeed in their business. Do you want to know about the secret that every marketer uses? It’s nothing but the Reels an interactive feature of Instagram.

Many marketers are leveraging this particular feature to showcase their products uniquely. Even this method can gain more engagement with the users. You can also buy likes on Instagram to enrich your reach with more engagement among Instagram users. Later, plan and create more interesting Reels to grab the people’s attention. Now let’s explore this article to get a guide for businesses to use Instagram Reels.

What are Instagram Reels?

Instagram has a feature named Reels that allows users to create many short videos. The videos can be up to a limit of 60 seconds. Instagram users can record and even edit videos. It will also allow users to add trending music to the Reels. It is the best way to boost awareness of the brand. If you make more Reels and post them on Instagram, it will help to achieve success in your business. More importantly, it will make your brand familiar among users.

Initial Step

There are about three ways to create and access the Reels feature on Instagram. They are as follows:

  • Open the Instagram app; in the upper right corner, click the plus button to see the Reels tab. Select it to open the camera directly.
  • Open Stories on Instagram and swipe left. Click Reels from the bottom to open the editor.
  • Select the camera button to create a reel if already you are in the Reels player.

Record and Post Reels

After knowing the basic step of creating a Reel, start to record a Reel using the camera and post it on Instagram medium.

Record Video with Camera:

Before recording a video, set the duration that you want. Select the length button, which is located on the left panel, to create Reels with a limit of 15,30, and 60 seconds. Just set the timer, and there will be countdowns before the start of the recording. Finally, press and hold the circle to record the video. Follow these steps to record a Reel on Instagram.

Upload the Videos:

The essential step after creating a Reel is to upload the videos on Instagram. It is the only way to gain more exposure for your brand. Additionally, use Emberify to escalate the band’s popularity. So, to upload a video follow the steps: Select the square icon on Instagram Reels editor to post. 

Edit the Reels

You can edit your video using the creative tools built into the Reels editor. Once you have recorded or uploaded the video, edit it to make the Reels look more appealing. 


Include music to the Reel from Instagram’s music library by selecting the music button. Even it will allow adding your favorite music to the video. Click the insert music, and choose which part of the song you want to play.

AR Effect:

Click the star icon, and it will display many effect options. It will show the effects created by Instagram and called AR effects. Adding the effects can make your reel look more interesting to the users. So, use the attractive one to impress the audience.

Speed and Layout:  

Slow down or increase the speed of the playback of the video. Also, adjust the layout to make the video look interesting.

Text and Stickers:

Add text and stickers to the video using the preview section tools. Even it will support grabbing the user’s attention quickly.

Plan Your Content 

The most crucial step to creating a Reel is to plan the content. It is the key to get success in business. For instance, take your followers to show behind the scenes. Even this idea will make people get curious to see your other posts. Creating and posting such content on a medium like Instagram can gain more benefits. Try to post Reels to showcase your products and impress the audience. Above all, planning makes a business get good growth. Start to plan your content and upload it to get the audience’s support for your brand. 

Collaborate With Influencers 

Research well and find a suitable influencer to promote your brand using the Reels feature of Instagram. It is a powerful way to gain more people’s attention. So, reach out to a skilled influencer to make the brand famous. Trying this method can help to grow your business to the next level. Discuss the goal that you want to achieve and post stunning Reels to make the users purchase the products. This way will also be very useful in gaining more new followers.

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Post Ads

Are you a marketer who wants to create awareness for your brand? If yes, get started to run ads using Instagram Reels feature. The first step is to know the user’s interest, create unique ads, and upload videos. It will support gaining more engagement with the target audience. In addition, leverage Emberify to expand your exposure instantly. 

Post ads at least once to connect with the users. It will make the users curious to follow your account quickly. Try to analyze and know your performance using the metrics. This way, it will create more awareness for the brand. Therefore, pay some additional focus to post ads using Instagram Reels.

Last Glance

Instagram has evolved well, so marketing on this medium can upgrade your business growth. But you must understand and post Reels on Instagram according to the user’s interest. It is the main and only way to achieve success in your business. Remember to plan the content and collaborate with a suitable influencer to create unique Reels. Even searching on the internet to get more ideas. Above all, post ads consistently to keep the users engaged with the brand and the account. Following these ideas will surely help to make your brand famous globally.

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