The Whole Teamtrump Potusmorsemashable Story

January 13, 2023

Over 350,000 tweets are posted daily on Twitter. That’s insane!

Twitter is like an all-rounder social media platform; one can be there for news, checking on their favorite celebrities, or for funny tweets from politicians around the world like Mr. Donald Trump. So I guess the famous Twitter teamtrump potusmorsemashable issue dragged you here. 

For quite a long now, there have been some tweets by the 45th President of the United States that have become a sort of meme material. Mr. Trump has become a meme these days. Maybe that’s the reason that 96% of Twitter users follow him. 

The interesting part is that some theories say Trump has been tweeting such tweets purposely to create a diversion from the investigation of his close association with the Russian government. While others argue that this is nothing; it’s just how he always has been, even before becoming the president. 

However, Team Trump’s Twitter account is banned at the moment, so you won’t find any latest tweets from that account. 

Trump’s banned account

Either way, let’s not forget how he has 96% of the Twitter audience following him, be it for Twitter trump potusmorsemashable or for any other of his posts that may or may not have started a Twitter war. Let’s have a look and find out what it is that has made Twitter’s audience still follow him. 

Why Do a Majority of Twitter Audiences Follow Trump?

Here are some facts that we figured out might be the reason people are still following Donald Trump on Twitter:

He’s a Social Bird

One thing is for sure, this guy loves to post, and not just that, he loves to post at odd hours, like at midnight. Trump made his very first Twitter presence in 2007 and has been active since then. Some of his fans are even following him from the very beginning. In fact, Trump’s Twitter account is one of the world’s most active Twitter accounts, and it’s quite very fast for someone to grab that position in such a short span of time. 

He Was involved in Twitter Wars

Social media has always been a place where people somehow get involved so much that they forget that it’s just a mere virtual platform and none of it is real. 

Anyway, there have been instances when people have actually gotten into fights on social media, and Twitter has acquired the number one position for such so-called wars. Our beloved Trump has been a part of such wars too. 

In 2013, it happened when Trump went all over Bette Midler over Sarah Palin’s candidacy for Vice President. Midler thought that Sarah would be the right choice for President Barack Obama’s successor, and Trump replied to it by saying that Obama would be the right choice for America’s next leader. 

He Has Some Serious Stature

Well, let’s face it, Trump does have a profound reputation, and that affects as well as matters a lot. He has about 17 million YouTube subscribers, and about 2.4 Million people visit his Facebook page daily. There’s a significant amount of people who follow him on his Instagram page as well. Some celebrities have gained some serious connections with Trump just from his Twitter presence. 

People Don’t Actually Believe That He’s a Fool

People may laugh at Trump’s memes and make fun of him, but they also know that it’s just for the sake of fun and most of them are there just for a satirical time. They all, at some point, do agree that most of his posts aren’t meant for any particular reason or motive, plus they also do agree that the one with the climate change issue wasn’t actually about his personal views on it but just for some fun and nothing. 

He’s a Troll

Since his appearance on Twitter, trolling is what he has been doing. He even once confessed publicly that he had fake people manufactured as his supporters during the 2016 election. Now, this can be something really funny, but who knows if he was speaking the truth or if it was just a joke just like Twitter potusmorsemashable? 

I believe these points were sufficient to give you a brief point of why Trump has been so famous with so many followers on each of his social media.

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