How to Maintain Your TVS Bikes in the Monsoon Season?

February 8, 2022

TVS is one of the favorite bike manufacturers in India. The company has crafted a niche for itself in the market. Especially, its Apache bikes have set the benchmark for the competitors to follow. According to the article published in Express Drive, in May 2021, “TVS reported triple-digit growth with over 1.5 lakh units sold”. One can spot TVS bikes often on the roads signifying the high sales and number of people who own them. Considering the number of bike owners, the number of queries also have increased.

Monsson sure brings respite from soaring temperatures but for bike owners, it is more than just enjoying chai and pakoras. It is the time when you must take great care of your TVS bikes to ensure performance and safety. There are many DIY tips and basic things that you need to be mindful of. Though considering how passionate bikers are, it would not be an exaggeration to say that majority are proactive in their approach to take care of their bike, there are some and there are some tips that tend to escape the minds of the bikers.

Here are the 5 TVS Bike Maintenance Tips for You:

  • Regular Servicing: The first and foremost is to take care of your bike with regular servicing. This helps to ensure that all the minor issues and worn-out parts are replaced before you hit the roads in pouring rains. So, if there happens to be an issue with brakes to engine oil or any other bike component/part, you can sort it out at the right time.
  • Get Rid of Rust: One of the major issues that people post-monsoon is rust. You can easily keep the bike body and components in top shape with Teflon coating and anti-rust protection layer. What Teflon along with the anti-rust layer does is ensure that the rainwater does not reach the bike body. It is quite easy to apply the coatings which you can get from your local mechanic or get the bike to them to apply the same.
  • Keep an Eye on Tyres: Monsoons are probably the time when bike owners face the most difficult roads to ride on. From slippery roads, mud, to potholes for which, at times, you must apply sudden brakes, tyres must be in top condition to ensure safety. Best TVS bikes are known mainly for their tires. Get them checked by professionals and get them replaced and sorted in due time before you hit the roads in monsoons.
  • Bike Chain: The bike chain is most susceptible to rust and with constant pouring rains and moving through waterlogged streets. Even dirt and mud get on the chain which hampers its smooth movement leading to unfavorable circumstances.
  • Cover the Bike Properly: The most basic monsoon bike maintenance tip is to park your bike at the right place. If you park your bike without any shed or at places where water accumulates a lot, it affects the bike. Use bike covers to protect the bike and try to park it at places where water levels do not go higher.

As you can see, these are not heavy measures rather easy-to-follow tips which are not only limited to TVS bikes in Monsoon but to all. What people tend to forget is to take care of their bikes with regular maintenance. Get your bike serviced at the service station after every three months. TVS bikes are the best in the market whether you want to buy your first bike, first bicycle, first daily commuter bike, first sports tourer bike, or even a basic gearless scooter. 

When traveling in monsoons, it is better to be alert and not ride at high speed and overtake at high speeds.

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