How to Defend Yourself Against Drug Charges in Knoxville

June 10, 2022

Knoxville, TN, is a charming and friendly city that’s home to about 192,237 people (2019). Being nestled amidst the Great Smoky Mountains means its residents enjoy the fresh mountain air and have its slopes to spend the weekends. Its business-friendly policies have also helped many industries set up shop there.

These and many more reasons have made Knoxville, TN, rank very high on the livability index. However, there are always two sides to the coin. In the case of Knoxville, that comes in the form of its drug problems.

The Knox county drug overdose statistics show that drug-related deaths increased from 224 in 2016 to 316 in 2017. Fentanyl and its associated drugs were behind 50% of those deaths. Heroin-related deaths have also gone up, standing at 369 in 2018. 

The state, therefore, has enacted strict laws to prevent the use and possession of drugs. You’ll need the help of a Knoxville criminal defense attorney in case you get charged with them.

The Best Ways to Defend Yourself Against Drug Charges

If the laws in Tennessee aren’t harsh enough in its crackdown on drug-related offenses, law enforcement certainly is. They will push for conviction in every way possible, including those that take a detour from the set path. You’ll need to enlist a Knoxville criminal defense attorney to help you navigate your precarious situation. They’ll guide you in all related matters and prevent you from further worsening your situation in numerous ways.

Exercise Your Right to Remain Silent Well

There’s a reason the cops mention that you have a right to remain silent, and anything you say can and will get used against you. Heed those words as they could save you a lot of trouble. Do not open your mouth and say things that could make it easier for them to convict you. Remember to use your one phone call to contact your criminal defense lawyer. Let them then speak on your behalf.

Beware of the Laws

Tennessee’s drug laws are so stringent that even the possession of Cannabis is considered illegal. There are various degrees of punitive measures relating to drug possession, manufacturing, transportation, distribution, and usage. The amount of drugs is not a deciding factor. Being aware of these will let you know your current standing. The punishment is the same for both soft and hard drugs.

Only first-time possession gets considered a misdemeanor regardless of the drug in question. Your defense lawyer will better explain your legal standing, including your rights.

Best Not To Perjure

Your defense lawyer will gather the reports related to your case and fight for your acquittal if possible. If not, they’ll fight for reduced punishment or sentence. It’s best not to stand in their way in the witness box and do as they advise.

Giving misinformation during a hearing or trial only makes their job hard and puts you in a tighter spot. Be clear and stick to the story to the best possible extent.

Drugs can hurt those using them and those charged with their possession. A Knoxville criminal defense attorney will have the experience and astuteness to rescue you should you find yourself in that situation.

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