7 Things You Need to Know About Patterned Floor Tiles

January 13, 2023

Patterned floor tiles are making a comeback after years of plain tiles dominating homes around the country. While millennials would think this is a trend but that’s far from it since these tiles date back to the Roman Empire because of their strength, durability, and diversity of design. Nowadays, patterned floor tiles are mostly installed because they give a room flair that is unique and customized which is aesthetically pleasing.

Are you looking to install Adelaide tiles for the floor of your home? Or are you looking for ways to integrate patterned tiles on one of your room floors?

You need to know seven things about patterned floor tiles before investing your money and time. Read on to find out.

Research on How Your Floor Would Look

Whether the idea to try out patterned tiles is a result of the hype or just something you’ve been thinking of for some time, it is important to take your time. The first thing you need to do, that is, before making this investment, is to do extensive research both online and offline before making any decisions. Use social media to find out more about these tiles and how other people are using them in their spaces.

Similarly, walk to the nearest home improvement store and try out different types of patterned tiles relating them to your home. As you sample the different colors, textures, and pattern designs, keep in mind the space in your home that the tiles will complement with these tiles.

Choose the Right Grout

Grout is the adhesive substance that helps keep tiles connected once you have tiled your floor. Most people choose a white-colored grout that is susceptible to dust and absorbs water. This makes the joints between the tiles expand and crack hence destroying your tiles. When using patterned floor tiles, you should go for grout with a similar color scheme to your tiles to avoid color clashing.

Also, the texture of the grout matters and can determine how long your tiles remain intact. When choosing grout for your project, go for an unsanded one to avoid scratching your patterned floor tiles if the space between adjacent tiles is smaller. Sanded grout is effective as it prevents the joints from cracking but should be used only if there is a wider gap between your tiles.

Start Laying Tiles in the Middle

Tiling your patterned floor would require you to start from a focal part of the room, moving outward into the wall. To figure out the best place to start tiling, get into the room and take note of the first part of the space where your eyes landed. This is the focal point that will strike everyone’s attention when entering the room; now install your tiles moving to the end of the room.

Recreate Any Look

The thing about patterned floor tiles is the option to recreate any look of your liking. Whether you fancy isogonal or monohedral shapes, getting the right mix to suit your taste has never been easier. With unlimited options of patterned tiles to choose from varying in color, patterns, and feel, you are spoilt of choice giving you the freedom to recreate any look you want. 

Shake Things Up

No matter the type of pattern you choose for your tiles, find a way to have fun with the process and witness the magic you achieve. Switch up how you lay your patterned floor tiles while ensuring they complement each other to avoid ambiguity in the result.

Keep It Timeless

Black and white have always been the best way to give your floor that timeless look that can be achieved in any part of your house. When you decide on the pattern for your home, use a pattern that will help your home achieve that timeless look when you decide to go with newer trendy patterns with 3D effects on your floor, giving your space that large space illusion.

Go with Your Style

Patterned floor tiles come in different styles and colors, making it easy for you to customize the look of your floor to your liking. Whether you want your tile to pop from the rest of the home or want to match the color scheme of your house, you can achieve this stress-free.

Patterned floor tiles will continue trending because of the different ways you can install them to achieve any desired look for your home. Even when tiled in a smaller space in your home, patterned tiles will completely rejuvenate how that space looks by giving it that distinct personality that strikes once one enters the space.

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