10 Best Tips on Choosing the Right Interior Wall Paint Colors for Home

March 28, 2022

Colors add life and beauty to your home; it’s the perfect finishing to any home revamping project. The color you choose for your interior painting in San Diego could make the difference in how lively and calm your rooms will be. Hence, it’s essential to choose the right color for every room in your home. 

Choosing a color that carries the correct emotions and nurtures each room’s design concept can be difficult for some people; This is why we have made a list of things to consider and steps to take to ensure that you choose the right paint color for your interior walls. 

Tips for Choosing the Right Interior Wall Paint Colors for Home

Consider the Permanent Features in Your Home

The first step in choosing the perfect interior wall paint colors for your home is to write down your home’s permanent features, including flooring, fireplace, beams, window frames, window shutters, and others. Your choice of wall paint colors should revolve around the tone and hue of these permanent features. 

Consider Your Furniture

The colors of your furniture should also influence your choice of interior color. If you don’t consider your furniture when choosing your paint color, you might have problems with the result. Hence, it is essential to note down the color of your major furniture, such as; chairs, tables, cabinets, wardrobe, and others. 

Suppose you think of replacing or changing furniture fabric; it’s best to handle this before choosing an interior wall paint color.

Get Interior Wall Paint Color Inspiration

One can get inspiration for your color selection by reading interior decoration magazines and watching home decor shows. You can check out various websites to get the right color ideas for your interior walls. Also, you could visit the store of paint dealers for consultation and to check out their catalogs.

Use Color Wheel

A color wheel is a small handy color tool used for learning about color schemes. When you turn the color wheel, you’ll see how colors relate. Ideally, colors opposite each other on wheels are compatible. The color wheel can also help you learn about the various shades of color available.

Consider Neutral Colors

If you choose a vibrant wall paint color, all the attention will be on the wall and easily overlook the other home decor. So by choosing a neutral color, your furniture, curtains, flooring, and others can also contribute to the total look of your home. 

Buy Paint Tester and Samples

Before buying all the gallons of paints needed for your interior painting, you can buy a small tester size and then do a test painting to have a physical visualization of how the color will look after painting.

Choose the Right Sheen And Polish

Not all paints have the right sheen; some sheen more, and some are moderate. Sheen in paints makes wall flaws more pronounced. So try to avoid high sheen paints when you want the wall flaws hidden. Some of the available paints with sheen include; high gloss enamel, semi-gloss enamel, eggshell enamel, satin enamel, flat matte, and flat enamel. High gloss enamel is suitable for children’s rooms, laundry, and the kitchen. Semi-gloss enamel has a moderate sheen and is suitable for living rooms and bedrooms. Also, take note that glossy paints are washable and easy to maintain. 

Consider the Emotions You Want the Room to Portray

Another vital tip to consider when choosing a wall paint color is the mood and feeling you want the room to project. Think about who uses the room more and the purpose of the room. If you’re painting the children’s room, you should avoid dull colors. If you’re painting the study, endeavor to choose a lively color. You can take some time to read up on color psychology before making this decision. It’ll help you in this step.


When choosing a wall paint color, the amount of light entering the room should also be considered. If you have a bright room that experiences natural light, your wall paint colors will pop and give a true reflection of the color used. If the room is darker, choose a color that works well with artificial lights.

Consider the Space

Your choice of wall paint color can make the room feel bigger or smaller. If you want a bigger-looking narrow room, choose darker shades for short walls and brighter shades for the longer wall. For smaller rooms to appear wider, choose cool hues. Warm hues will make a more prominent room feel smaller and more intimate.

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