How to Refresh Your Home and Transition with the Seasons

January 24, 2023

Sometimes change is needed in the home, just to spruce up the look, make it look cozier, or more inviting. You will be totally surprised that even the smallest of changes can create a different look that will blow away the cobwebs in any room and leave you feeling refreshed too. 

You may not have a penchant for occasional décor changes, but the few decor tricks we have found can inspire you to switch things up and leave you with a new look you’ll want all your friends to visit and see. Think refresh, update, or resuscitate, rather than a complete make-over.

Take advantage of all the beautiful colors, patterns, and textures available out there by flipping your décor. Whatever season is approaching, you can quickly swap out your household items with something that is more in tune with the seasons.

DIY works best for minimal cost to the changes, so we have focused on ideas that will not break the bank. 

1. Change or Add New Your Throw Pillows 

This idea is one of the simplest ways to freshen up your house. If you do not already have throw pillows, you will love the exuberance they bring. If you’re trendy like that and have some in almost every room, exchanging them for new colors and textures will just update the look instantly. 

Get some inspiration from watching Netflix décor tv shows, or browsing through the Aldi weekly ad that has regular items you can pick up at great discounts. See the Huntington home decorative toss pillows they have for just $7.99 each; perfect for Fall and Halloween! Spice it all up with the $4.99 reed diffusers and bring a new scent into the room too.

2. Put Out a New Area Rug

Area rugs have a unique ability to bring a room together. The best part about these floor coverings is that they’re movable and adaptable, so take advantage of how easily they can transform your home throughout the seasons! Pick colors and textures that go well with the rest of your décor. RugsUSA has amazing offers in size, color, and style. They have regular sales too, like this weekend’s 75% off special.

3. Swop Curtains or Add Window Treatments

Again, simple to do. Changing curtains or simply adding a window treatment to décorative curtain rods brings dramatic change. For example, in summer, go for bright colored or sheer curtains that’ll let in the light easily and bring a whimsical feeling to the room.

4. Add a Splash of Color to Your Walls

If you’re feeling very daring, you may even experiment with your paint color. Not that you’d want to repaint a complete room every new season, but a tiny accent wall once or twice a year would be a good idea. You can also put up new wallpaper. If the wall is simple to reach, you might do the task in a matter of hours — a modest price to pay if you’re strictly seasonal. Browse through Walmart’s website to see how inexpensive wall paint and wallpaper are.

5. Add Seasonal Displays, Mantle Pieces, or Art

The next few months are for festivities and you can have a lot of fun switching up your displays to suit the occasion. It’s pumpkin time, you can use the bright orange ones as table centerpiece décorations; carve them out for Halloween even. Use pine cones in winter and seashells in summer. If not on your table, any shelving or mantle will work as well. 

Switching up your art on the wall also works wonders. We are not talking about the Leonardo Da Vinci pieces, but simple décorative pieces you can find even in supermarkets as depicted in the picture below.

Final Thoughts

Changing your décor to suit the season doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Make small changes that will still bring a noticeable impact and also leave you feeling refreshed. Change a wall color, add new wall art, switch an area rug or throw pillows, and voila, a different look to the room. Have fun with it so that it’s easy to transition with every season.

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