Consider These Five Factors Before Purchasing Corona Kavach

February 6, 2023

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, it has been crucial to have health insurance. In light of current circumstances, investing in substantial health insurance coverage is your safest choice for preserving your financial security throughout the epidemic. Your health insurance will cover necessary hospitalization costs due to your coronavirus illness. Decently covered health insurance may be purchased for less than a thousand rupees each month. However, many individuals cannot afford the Rs. 1,000 per month required for family health insurance.

General and health insurers have begun offering standard Corona Kavach, an indemnity-based health plan, and Corona Rakshak, a fixed benefit health insurance policy, at the direction of the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) to combat this crisis and ensure that the most significant number of people possible are covered by health insurance against COVID-19. These typical health policies tailored to COVID-19 provide coverage for essential medical care. Customers can purchase these products through the insurers’ websites, third-party aggregators, or by contacting insurance agents or branch offices directly. 

Factors to Consider Before Buying

Getting answers to questions concerning coverage is essential, but additional key factors should be considered when comparing insurance policies as integral as Corona Kavach Policy. Below mentioned are some of them:

Select a Competent Insurer

There are many things to consider when deciding which health insurance provider to choose. The insurer’s claim payment efficiency comes first, and you should check the claim settlement ratio that reveals the percentage of claims settled throughout the financial year. Second, ensure you know how many hospitals are part of your insurer’s network in your area. Insured individuals can enjoy many perks of a cashless hospital stay thanks to the hospitals participating in the network. As a third consideration, trying to gain the patronage of those who have faith in a specific brand is essential. Customers place a premium on insurance policies with the most options and the best service. Picking the correct health insurance provider is crucial for a positive purchasing experience.

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Limitations and Restrictions

Some seniors may be unable to purchase this coverage due to age limits. Corona Kavach policy has a strict 65-and-up age policy. Another restriction comes for pre-existing diseases (PED); there is no conventional strategy. Each insurance company has its underwriting standards, limitations, and procedures. The patient’s medical history and records are reviewed in connection with the proposal to arrive at an informed conclusion. The insurer will determine the loading or underwriting adjustment based on the severity and frequency of co-morbidities.

Claim Filing Procedure

A policyholder with the Kavach should make a claim sooner if he becomes hospitalized due to the virus, as this policy provides more comprehensive protection. If the cost of treatment exceeds the coverage provided by one insurance, the standard policy might be used to pay the difference. Any pre-existing conditions will not be held against you in case of a claim. An individual tested for COVID-19 would have to show that the virus was present before the claim could be approved. Claims are not evaluated depending on the existence or absence of any co-morbidities.


Some medications may take longer for the government to include, or their effectiveness may be questioned. As with any treatment, the procedure will determine the cost of such pricey medications. We may ask the hospital to clarify the line of treatment taken and the reason and justification for its usage. For home therapy, receiving a package from the insurer’s network hospital is advisable. Network hospital home care treatment packages are pre-approved. The policyholder should get pre-approval from the insurer for non-network healthcare providers, as this will minimize reimbursement claim difficulties.

Amount of Premium

Medical inflation requires at least Rs. 10 lakh coverage. Corona Kavach covers PPE, unlike other insurance. It will cover a patient’s COVID-19 treatment at home, whereas regular coverage may not. The insured must be hospitalized to submit a claim in standard indemnity health insurance. This policy’s extensive coverage and affordable cost allow conventional insurance to cover it. However, consider two crucial points before obtaining a Kavach policy or refill. First, you cannot file a cashless claim on two plans unless both policies are from the same insurer, and second, the average claim value for COVID-19 hospitalizations is Rs. 1.5 lakh.

Final Thought

As cases grow, COVID-19-specific policies have become popular. However, insurers may interpret corona-specific covers differently, even if the IRDAI has standardized terminology and policy features. Therefore, it becomes essential for you to study and consider all the critical features before investing in a policy.

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