May 19, 2023

Doesn’t your food feel bland in the absence of red chilli pepper? 

Red chilli is an essential ingredient that plays an important role in enhancing the taste of dishes. This spice particularly holds an important value in SouthEast Asia, and its market is always hot because of the high demand all around the globe. 

Surprisingly, everyone consumes red chilli almost on a daily basis, some use it alongside pizza toppings to add spice to their pizza, while some just want to taste better meals, but many aren’t aware of the red chilli benefits and side effects. In the article wellhealthorganic.com:red-chilli-you-should-know-about-red-chilli-uses-benefits-side-effects, I will provide vital information about nutritional value, health benefits, and red chilli side effects, so read attentively to know both the positive and negative effects of this popular spice on your health.  


Nutritional Value in Red Chilli

Scientifically referred to as the Capsicum Annum, red chilli belongs to the family of Solanaceae. Apart from treating the taste buds by enhancing the taste and aroma of food, red chilli is also known for its rich nutritional value. Many types of research have proved that red chillies are rich in vitamins, alkaloids, carotenoids, phenolics, and flavonoids. The table given below provides detailed information about the nutritional value of red chilli: –

Nutritional ComponentsValue per 100 grams
Energy 40 kcal
Vitamin A 144 mg
Vitamin B1 0.072 mg
Vitamin B20.086 mg
Vitamin B3 1.24 mg 
Vitamin B923 µg (microgram)
Vitamin C144 mg
Vitamin E0.69 mg
Vitamin K14 µg 
Iron1.03 mg
Zinc0.26 mg
Copper0.129 mg
Phosphorus43 mg
Magnesium23 mg
Sodium9 mg
Potassium322 mg
Calcium14 mg
Manganese0.187 mg
Selenium0.5 µg 
Sugar5.3 g
Fats 0.44 g
Fibre1.5 g
Protein1.87 g
Carbohydrate8.81 g
Leucine 0.105 g
Lysine0.089 g
Choline10.9 mg 
Beta-carotene534 µg 
Alpha-carotene36 µg 
Threonine0.074 g
Isoleucine0.065 g
Tryptophan0.026 g

The wellhealthorganic.com:red-chilli-you-should-know-about-red-chilli-uses-benefits-side-effects, says that besides being rich in nutrients, red chilli also provides the benefits of antioxidants and helps in fighting free radicals. So let’s discuss the red chilli benefits and side effects for a better understanding.

Red Chilli Benefits and Side Effects

Being a rich source of nutrition, red chilli offers several health benefits, but excessive intake of red chilli can cause health implications.  Here, I won’t focus on the red chilli benefits solely, but will also examine the potential side effects that are caused to health when taken excessively. So let’s analyse the red chilli benefits and side effects in the upcoming sections.

Health Benefits of Red Chilli

Apart from using red chilli as a spice and condiment, the people of older civilizations have used it as a perennial herb for managing several ailments. Even the wellhealthorganic.com:red-chilli-you-should-know-about-red-chilli-uses-benefits-side-effects suggests the following health benefits of red chilli: –

  1. Reduces Osteoarthritis

Arthritis Research UK report, claims that the red chilli capsaicin can help people suffering from osteoarthritis (joint pain) and fibromyalgia (muscle pain.) Red chilli capsaicin reduces the supply of substance P, which is a pain-causing neurotransmitter. The substance P sends pain signals to the brain, and red chilli reduces its production, which ultimately helps in preventing the transmission of feelings of pain in the body. 

In older civilizations, people used to rub the red chilli on the skin of the pain-causing part. Though red chilli capsaicin is good for treating pain-related issues, some studies show that the use of red chilli alone is not sufficient, and a doctor’s help is always needed. 

  1. Eliminates Inflammation

The Animal Model Studies discovered the anti-inflammatory properties of red chilli which can help reduce swelling. Red chilli has phenolic and flavonoid compounds that play a vital role in preventing the inflammation-causing molecules in the body.

  1. Shows Weight Management Properties

The low-calorie content in red chilli makes it an exotic choice for seasoning. Many studies point towards the possibility of the presence of weight management properties in red chillies. There are several animal and clinical studies that observed consuming red chilli regularly might increase the body temperature and oxygen demand, thus resulting in the oxidation of body fat and weight reduction. 

  1. Red Chilli Ensures Good Gut Health 

Red chillies have abundant Beta-Carotene and pro-vitamin A. It is an immunity-boosting food because vitamin A supplements the immune system and ensures a healthy digestive tract. On the other hand, Beta-Carotene protects the body from free radicals, which damage body cells through oxidation. 

  1. Manages Diabetes

Many studies have shown that red chillies may attenuate post-meal serum glucose production, which can help in lowering the sugar level in the body. Besides this, it also inactivates certain enzymes which are responsible for glucose production. 

  1. Can Help in Preventing Cancer 

The antioxidants present in red chillies are natural scavengers that help in clearing the harmful free radicals, which prevents cancer-causing cells. 

Apart from this, people in old civilizations, like the Mayas and Aztecs used red chillies to relieve asthma, toothaches, coughs, and soreness. These were the health benefits of red chillies. Now, let’s have a quick look at the red chilli side effects. 

Red Chilli Side Effects

Excessive consumption of red chilli can lead to many health diseases. Though red chillies are safe if consumed moderately, too much intake of red chilli can cause the following side effects: –

  1. Skin Injury

Handling red chilli with bare hands can result in erythema, burning sensation in skin, oedema, prickling sensation, itching and blisters.

  1. Nasal Injury

Inhaling red chilli can result in inflammation of the mucous membrane present in the respiratory tract. Inhalation of red chilli leads to throat irritation, coughing or choking, constant sneezing, burning sensation, shortness of breathing, and inability to speak. 

  1. Discomfort in Stomach 

Constant intake of red chilli in excessive amounts might cause stomach discomfort and result in diarrhea, cramping, chronic gastritis, pain, and kidney or liver damage. 

  1. Eye Irritation 

Initial contact of red chillies with the eyes can lead to involuntary reflex closing of the eyelids. Apart from this, you can also feel problems like redness in the eyes, persistent pain, lacrimation (excess tearing), photophobia, and swelling.

  1. Other Injuries

There is a high chance that red chillies have aflatoxin, which can cause high blood pressure, headache, and an increase in the risk of strokes. 

As per wellhealthorganic.com:red-chilli-you-should-know-about-red-chilli-uses-benefits-side-effects

 consuming red chilli in low quantities is okay, but if you notice any of these red chilli side effects, you should immediately consult a doctor and follow the prescribed treatment. It should be noted that some people might be allergic to red chilli, so they should avoid consuming it as it is not compatible with any sensitive stomach recipes.

So these were the red chilli benefits and side effects. Advancing the discussion, let’s answer some of the questions frequently asked by people about red chilli side effects and benefits. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: Yes, red chilli is rich in vitamins. It is a good antioxidant with vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B9, C, E, and K.

Ans: Red chilli has Aflatoxin, which is a harmful toxin that can result in skin cancer. Not all red chillies have Aflatoxin. It is present only in the chillies that are grown under poor conditions.

Ans: Handling red chilli with bare hands can cause skin irritation, burning sensation, tingling, redness, sneezing, cough, swelling, tingling, lacrimation, etc. Therefore, you should be very careful while dealing with red chilli, and if you notice any of the red chilli side effects, immediately rush to a doctor and adhere to the prescribed treatment.

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