Is There a Home Test for Testosterone Levels?

December 5, 2022

Having specific amounts of testosterone in your body is crucial for sexual health. Many everyday problems like fatigue, irritability, and listlessness can be attributed to low testosterone levels. It would be great if everyone knew their optimal testosterone levels to avoid such issues. Unfortunately, even medical science has yet to determine the exact range of testosterone levels needed for each individual’s optimal health. However, certain concentrations of it indicate what is generally considered as low. Knowing your exact testosterone levels at any one time would be great.

That’s what at-home testosterone test kits are for. They can help you figure out quickly if you need to see your healthcare provider about testosterone issues.

What is Testosterone?

Testosterone is a sex hormone found and numerous animals, including humans. Both men and women produce testosterone though in significantly different quantities. The human brain releases a particular hormone that stimulates the release of testosterone in both men and women through different organs. In men, testosterone is produced in the part called the testicles. Women’s ovaries are responsible for producing testosterone, though at significantly low levels.

Testosterone is primarily responsible for many of the sexual characteristics associated with males. Its role in sexual development in females is limited. As both sexes age, testosterone production gradually drops.

At-Home Testosterone Test Kits

Nowadays, people can know about their testosterone levels from the comfort of their homes. At-home testosterone test kits make this process easy and convenient. While different manufacturers may have different components inside an at-home testosterone test kit, they all have some common items. These common items include:

i)Test tube or vial

ii)Sterile needles

iii) Sterile cotton swabs laced with alcohol

iv) Band-aids

v) Biohazard bag

vi) A prepaid return shipping label

Choosing an At-Home Testosterone Test Kit

There are numerous manufacturers of at-home testosterone test kits. This means that the market is flooded with a lot of these products. Many of them may not be up to the expected standards. It’s always a good idea to do your own research before purchasing any such kit. Even when a manufacturer claims that their testosterone test kits are the best, it doesn’t hurt to get confirmation from other sources. You can always visit such a manufacturer’s website and look for positive reviews about their products. If possible, contact some of their former customers or anyone who has ever used their at-home testosterone test kits.

At-home testosterone test kits utilize saliva or blood samples for the necessary results. In some instances, a urine sample may be required. This means that different manufacturers tailor their test kits according to the type of sample needed. If you’re uncomfortable with needle pricks, you may opt for one that requires saliva or urine samples. Of course, cost and convenience of delivery are also factors. If processing your sample requires shipping to an out-of-state location, it may mean more hassles and a longer waiting time to get your test results. These are all factors to consider when choosing the kind of at-home testosterone test kit to purchase.

Testing Your Testosterone Levels at Home

The different kinds of samples required for testosterone tests dictate how each type is collected.

For a saliva sample, start by rinsing your mouth. Then spit a relatively small amount of the saliva in the test tube provided. Ensure to seal the test well before putting it into the delivery bag.

For a blood sample, there are two methods. One involves using a testing paper. Here, you prick your finger using one of the sterile needles provided and smear one drop of blood on the testing paper before mailing it to the lab. This is known as the dried blood spot (DBS) method. The other method involves putting a few millimeters of blood into the provided vial or test tube. You swab your ring finger, prick it and then put the blood sample into the test tube. Put the sample in the biohazard bag before shipping it.

Collecting a urine sample for an at-home testosterone test involves peeing into the provided vial. Ensure to collect the sample midstream for accuracy purposes. For females, it’s best to clean the vulva area with the sterile cotton swabs provided before collecting the urine sample.

Most manufacturers of these at-home testosterone test kits recommend a fasting period of at least 12 hours before sample collection. This helps to account for the variations in testosterone levels in the human body at different times of the day. 

The availability of such at-home test kits means that an individual has the option of avoiding a visit to a health center for such a test.

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