Are Porcelain Crowns Stronger Than Teeth?

March 23, 2023

Dental crowns can do a great job of restoring and protecting damaged teeth. But what are they? Simply put, they are caps placed by a dentist atop damaged teeth- this may be due to chipping, decay, or cracking. Generally, such caps take the shape of your teeth. Porcelain is one of the materials used to craft dental crowns. 

So, are porcelain crowns stronger than teeth? It depends! To answer this query, we need first to understand what determines your teeth’s strength.  

Enamel Versus Porcelain

Enamel-the hard outer covering of a tooth is responsible for your teeth’s strength. Do you know that enamel is stronger than bone? The enamel is crafted from 96 percent mineral; it is exceptionally rugged. Thus, healthy teeth can stand up to significant forces. On that note, healthy teeth are more robust than porcelain crowns. 

Unfortunately, if your enamel wears off, it leaves your teeth weak and at risk for decay or damage. Plus, your body can’t restore or repair damaged teeth. Once the damage is done, you might need to consider other alternatives such as fillings or dental implants

Porcelain crowns are a viable option for strengthening your teeth and guarding against wear. Porcelain is nearly as strong as enamel, but not entirely. Restorative porcelain crowns would be more potent than teeth if your teeth are damaged. Let’s consider the ruggedness of porcelain dental covers. 


Porcelain crowns aren’t as fragile as we might be tempted to think. Perhaps, understanding the fragility of standard porcelain products such as cups colors our opinion in a sense. Usually, cups don’t just break without a force exerting on them. 

In the same regard, your dental caps can break off if a heavy force is delivered to them. Thus, we can safely argue that porcelain caps are relatively resilient. 

Dental experts argue that porcelain caps can hold up well for up to a decade and more. Even so, you should adopt a proactive approach to caring for your caps to ensure they last- such caps can also avert further damage or wear to your teeth. 

Porcelain crowns deliver ample strength if you use your teeth for everyday functions. That implies you can bite or chew your food without the fear of breaking or dislodging your dental caps. What does proper care of your crowns entail?

Oral Hygiene 

Beware that porcelain dental crowns are prone to the same issues that can affect or damage your teeth. For instance, cavities or fractures can easily compromise dental caps. 

Biting improperly due to misaligned teeth can also cause a porcelain crown to shift or chip. It’s advisable to seek dental help for such an issue before considering a restoration to avoid compounding your oral issues. You might also need to invest in a mouth guard to avert the risk of fractures to your porcelain caps. Doing so can preserve the crowns for years. 

Maintaining proper oral hygiene is a critical first step to preventing damage to your dental crown. Brushing your teeth at least twice a day, flossing, using a mouthwash can help preserve your porcelain caps for years. Also, avoid using your teeth for inadvisable actions such as opening packages and chewing on ice, as these can damage the crowns and put you at risk for tooth decay. 

Other actions such as grinding your teeth can also break or wear down porcelain caps. If that happens, you need to have the caps replaced or repaired to protect your teeth. 

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Look and Feel

Porcelain crowns are an ideal choice for restoring your front teeth. Porcelain mimics your teeth’s color, making it a practical choice for giving you an authentic appearance. Which teeth are most visible or dominant when you smile? You guessed it. If you’re after dental treatment and need a natural tone that matches your teeth, porcelain is the way to go. 

Porcelain’s visual appeal and natural feel make it a winner, unlike other options. Begone the awkward smile when you opt for a dental crown procedure. If you’re considering porcelain crowns to treat a dental issue, talk to a dentist to find out if such an option can work for you. 

Lastly, healthy teeth are stronger than porcelain crowns. The keyword, in this case, is healthy. But, given that porcelain crowns can stand the test of time and their authentic look, they are a worthy investment. They don’t last forever, but porcelain caps can hold their own and possibly even match enamel’s strength with proper care. Or maybe not! 

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