Exactly How to Find a Good Dentist & Avoid the Bad Ones

December 5, 2022

You may sometimes need to find a new dentist, whether because you moved into a new area, your old dentist retired or closed shop, or for other reasons. The entire process can be different, especially if it’s been a long since you last searched for a dentist. Instinctively, you may look online for something like “a reputable dentist near me,” but this may return hundreds of options to wade through.

So, how exactly do you find a good dentist and avoid the bad ones? This article guides you through the process, saving you time and connecting you with the right dentist for your oral health needs.

How to Find a Good Dentist

It is important to note that each person has their preferences. A good dentist to someone may not necessarily be the perfect one for you. However, aside from individual preferences, a basic measure of how good a dentist is should be the standard of care.

Standard of care defines how strictly the dentist follows the profession’s moral and ethical guidelines. Dentists who offer the highest quality standard of care understand the dos and don’ts of their profession and how best to deliver excellent services to their patients.

Generally, a dentist offering high-quality care can be considered a good dentist. The standard of care can then be combined with technology, quality customer service, pricing, etc., to deliver a wholesome experience to patients.

So, as a patient, you want a dentist that understands and abides by the rules guiding their profession and goes the extra mile to make you feel special.

What to Look for in a Dentist 

Having understood who a good dentist is, the next key step is knowing what to look for to improve your overall dental experience. Below are key recommendations before settling with a dentist for your oral health needs.

Do They Have Dental Hygienists?

A dental hygienist is one area you should never compromise on. Your dental office must have a dental hygienist who offers services like dental cleanings.

Although some dentists double as hygienists, it could still be a red flag worth looking into. Having dental hygienists signals that the dental office cares about specialization and quality oral health services.

Unsure whether the dental office you’re prospecting for has dental hygienists? Ask when you call them for an appointment.

Quality of Care

Everybody deserves the best value for their money, including you. The quality of care offered by your dentist should leave you with equal or higher value. Your dentist should check your mouth, teeth, gum, and other important areas to ensure the highest quality oral health.

Your dentist should also have a comfortable and relaxing space to attend to your needs while not rushing through your dental appointment. You may need to change your dentist if your dentist is rushing through your appointment.

How Often Does the Office Take X-Rays?

Dental X-rays are a great way to understand what goes on under the gum. Your dentist will get a better view of possible jaw problems from the X-rays. Ask the office how often they perform dental x-rays. This can make the difference between early problem detection and dental complications.

Searching for a Quality Dentist

The search for a quality dentist shouldn’t be rushed. As with everything good, finding the perfect dentist for your oral health needs takes time. Here are some recommendations.

Use a Dentist Near Me Map

An excellent way to find good dentists near you is through Maps. Search for dentists near me and use the maps app to locate some of the nearest practices around you. The maps app will show you each dental practice’s rating on a scale of 1 to 5, the distance to your home or office, reviews, as well as contact information.

Take time to explore each map listing and read the reviews. Reviews give you a clear understanding of what to expect from the dentist. Stay away from dentists with negative reviews surrounding the quality of service or customer care.

Ask Family and Friends

Family and friends can be instrumental when looking for a new dentist. However, they can only recommend top dentists if you live in the same area. If you have moved to a different area, the chances of helping are low.

You may, however, rely on recommendations from colleagues at work or neighbors for potential dental offices to visit. For such recommendations, ensure you research the dental office, its reviews, dental technology, services rendered, and more.

Doing the above can significantly improve your chances of connecting with the perfect dentist for all your oral healthcare needs.

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