How to Get Started as a Salon Suite Renter and Make a Business Plan

January 16, 2023

It’s a great time to be a salon suite renter. The economy is strong, and business owners are looking for ways to make their dollar stretch as far as possible. They can do this by renting out unused space in their building, such as the back of the salon, for other businesses to use. In doing so, they create another revenue stream without investing any more money into equipment or labor. This article will help you see if rental is right for your business and give some tips on how to get started with your plan. You can also see the salon for rent here in case you’re ready to get started.

When is the Right Time to Leap?

When deciding whether renting out your salon space is a good idea for you and your business, there are many factors to consider. You should have an established base of loyal clients, enough capital to finance renovations and be comfortable taking on more responsibility in areas such as marketing, legalities, and taxes.

What does the competition look like? Is there a demand in the market? These are some questions you should ask yourself before taking the plunge.

Let’s Talk Numbers

The first step in planning a financial budget is figuring out your monthly overhead. This includes what you pay for rent, utilities, and taxes on any equipment or space that isn’t being used in production, like shampoo sinks. Once you have those numbers, it’s time to see how many units per month you can charge around this cost. So, for $4,000/month in overhead and extra space for five units, you can charge around $400 per unit.

You may have to do some research to see what your competition is charging for salon space, but typically it can range anywhere from $200-$800 depending on the location and amenities included. If you are looking at renting out a larger space in an upscale area, be prepared to face more competition.

Unit Size

A salon suite renter will fit anywhere from 10 to 40 units in every location. And units are typically measured by the size of the space it takes up on your floor. For instance, if your backroom is 1,500 square feet and you have multiple people interested in renting it out every month, it’s safe to say that the location can fit eight units of 175 square feet, which means each person will probably pay around $250-$350 for this space per month. That’s perfect! Your monthly expense is $2,500, so this additional revenue stream would contribute to covering your overhead.

This added revenue source means you will always be ahead of the competition. The renters are paying your bills, and all the work you do will be mostly profits. The best part? You can see how many people are interested in renting your space, see the unit size they prefer, and calculate what they will be paid before you make any final moves! And remember – this is just an example because the ultimate price depends on location and amenities included.

Make a Business Plan

After taking into consideration all of these factors, it’s time to create a business plan. You should see this as a long-term goal. If you are in the process of purchasing your salon suite, have an established clientele, and see consistent growth. Renting may be just what you need to take your business to the next level!

The best way to start is by talking with other local businesses who are already doing it or exploring similar businesses in your area. Look into what they see as the advantages and disadvantages of this kind of business model. Also, there are multiple salon suite renter directories online that can help you connect with people who have experience renting out their spaces. Just be sure to do your research!

For example, if you see that most people are renting out their spaces for around $100 per unit, then your monthly overhead is $1,000, and you have 5-10 units per month – this could be a great opportunity to see some extra income! This is why you need to create a budget so that your expenses are covered, and the renter covers all the other extra costs.

You can also find business plan templates for this and many more businesses online that could help you get started. Remember, you can always make changes to this plan as your business grows or if it does not fit in your situation as it is.

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