Improve Your PowerPoint Presentation With These 6 Tips

February 8, 2022

A slideshow is one of the most effective ways to use it as a visual aid to better send your message across. That is why using a PowerPoint presentation in meetings and events is pretty common. Regardless of whether you are presenting a monthly report or conducting a speech in a symposium, a slideshow is a great help to engage with your audience.

In this article, we will discuss some tips on how you can improve your presentation. Is this your first time using free PowerPoint templates? These tips will give you a kickstart on how to make your presentation appealing to your audience. If you have tried using PowerPoint before but still feel like it’s a bit dull, these tips will help you improve.

Technical difficulties can happen anytime. No matter how much you prepare for something, some things are beyond your control. You can use an online PDF tool to convert from PPT to PDF. In that way, you will have two separate file types for your presentation. PDF is a universal file, so you don’t need to worry about accessing it from another device, even mobile devices.

To convert your PDF files, all you need to do is to access an online PDF platform such as PDFBear. Upload your presentation there, and you can generate a copy in as fast as 2 minutes. You can now be ready in case any file mishaps happen.

Animations and slide transitions

The key is to know your audience and relate it to your topic. For example, if you are speaking in front of a younger audience and discuss trending topics, you can make the animations more upbeat and lively. However, if you are speaking to your executives, you may want to tone it down a little bit and choose more subtle and elegant effects.

Add images and videos

As much as possible, add videos and images to your presentation. Full texts are boring. That is also the reason why magazines and newspapers include photos in their layouts. Photos and videos are icebreakers. It gives the audience something to look at or to ponder on while you are delivering the information. It makes them understand the presentation better. Using images and videos, you can capture their attention. You can play around with different types of photos such as cartoons, illustrations, and even memes. For as long as it fits your topic, you can incorporate it.

Embed sounds and voice narrations

PowerPoint presentations are a complete package. You cannot just show images and texts, but you can also embed sounds and voices in it. It is the best alternative instead of using a full-video presentation. For instance, you can make a presentation that’s half narrated and half live talks. You can insert audio clips of related topics or you can record yourself talking about each slide and embed it on the file. Through this, your presentation will have a variety of approaches.

The same with the other Microsoft Office tools, you can also add hyperlinks to your presentation. Instead of adding another slide with screenshots of a web reference, you can access it to live and navigate it during the presentation. It makes your entire talk more interactive as they can see what’s on the website in real-time. But, just a reminder: if you’re not the one navigating the presentation, you might want to brief the navigator first to make sure that your presentation is seamless.

Personalized templates

One of the best things about PowerPoint is its preset templates. It’s very user-friendly that you can choose from a wide array of templates that will fit your topic. However, since many people are already using PowerPoint, they are most likely familiar with those templates. To set a better impression, you can create your template for your presentation. You can also personalize it by using your company’s color, logo, and fonts. It looks more professional, and it adds a positive impact to you as a speaker.

Convert your PowerPoint to PDF

Do you need help in backing up your PowerPoint presentation? Use PDFBear for all types of conversion needs. With PDFBear, you can create a backup copy of your PDF file. Moreover, you can also use these PDF files to share with your colleagues and audience after the presentation. Visit their website to know more.

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