PDF Advantages Introduction

January 30, 2023

What are the advantages of PDF? PDF documents are expected to bring significant economic benefits such as reduced information transfer, storage, and management costs, search efficiency, and time savings in information exchange. This article summarizes the advantages of PDF in terms of function and practicality for you, please refer to it.

PDF Origin

PDF is developed based on the page description language PostScript, a technology used for printing. PostScript is used by creators to pass layout data to printing companies and is not suitable for exchanging information.

PDF, on the other hand, has the same high-quality information as the printed version, but at the same time can add various functions such as links, bookmarks, annotations, and tables for information exchange applications. At the beginning of using PDF, PDF creation software was paid, and the price was relatively expensive. Since then, PDF creators have become more affordable, and many free PDF creators are available and can be emailed.

Arguably, software that displays PDFs is freely distributed. Therefore, information having the same high-quality layout as printed matter can be distributed to an unspecified number of people.

PDF Advantages Introduction

Can be Used to Collect Information

PDFs are often thought of as a distribution format, but with the right tools, you can annotate them, change the text (touch-up), add text and shapes, and more. PDFs can be used not only for publishing information but also for summarizing opinions using writing features such as annotations. By using the ability to add information to PDFs, exchanges that were traditionally done using paper or fax can now be done using only electronic files.

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Easy to Print and Read

A PDF reader is a software for viewing PDFs as you receive them. PDF Reader can visualize PDFs and display them on screen or print them. Adobe’s Adobe Reader is freely distributed as a PDF reader in major environments such as Windows. We also offer Adobe Reader for phones and smartphones, so you can view PDFs on virtually any mobile device.

PDF readers are available from companies other than Adobe. For example, you can view and print PDFs on Antenna House using “Shunkan PDF Edit” and “Shunkan PDF Write Masse”.

PDF Security Settings

PDFs can have secure behavior utilizing techniques such as encryption.

For example, if you store the above order records, it would be a good idea to create a PDF of the order receipt and set up security so that recipients cannot change the PDF.

With PDF security settings, you can restrict the viewing of PDFs so that they can only be viewed by certain recipients, and prohibit the extraction and editing of information in PDFs to prevent accidental changes and use.

Passwords are often used to set and unlock PDF files security, but advanced methods of digital certificates are also available.

Promote Paper-based Office Standards

By using PDF, information transfer and management that was previously done with paper can be replaced with electronic files. Electronic documents are expected to bring significant economic benefits, such as reductions in information transmission, storage and management costs, search efficiency, and time savings in information exchange.

The biggest feature of PDF is that it is an electronic file that replaces paper. That is to say, information is fixed in printed form like paper, and the transmission of fixed information is realized in electronic files.

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At present, many PDF platforms from all over the world claim to be committed to promoting paper-based office standards. AbcdPDF is one of them. The company has been committed to providing users with free online PDF services since its establishment. If you are new to PDF, you don’t have to worry about how complicated the PDF file format is and what tools should be used to handle it. You only need to visit the AbcdPDF platform to handle PDF issues according to your needs. Everything is as simple as working on paper. , even more convenient.

The following is an introduction to the main online tools of the AbcdPDF platform:

tool nameFunction
convert pdf to wordFormat conversion, PDF to Word, the converted Word can be edited freely.
pdf to excelFormat conversion, PDF to Excel, the converted Excel can be edited freely.
online pdf editorPDF online editor, full-featured, edit, delete, comment, sign, watermark, backlight, etc.
merge pdfFile merge, combine multiple PDF files into one.
pdf to jpgFormat conversion, convert PDF to JPG format.


What are the advantages of PDF? This article introduces you to the advantages of PDF files and the contribution of their derivative services to the promotion of global paper-based offices. Now you should not be incompetent in PDF file editing, conversion, and other operations. Don’t worry, you’ll find everything you need on the AbcdPDF platform aggregation page.

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