Single Board Computers on Module with Great Output Results

March 28, 2022

A single-board computer is a complete functioning computer with features, such as the microprocessor and input/output functions on a single circuit board. The computers have a built-in RAM with a predetermined amount and no possible expansion slots for peripherals. The single-board computers are very small, which allows them to get embedded in devices with limited spaces, and the computers are very efficient, which gives them an edge for power saving concerns. Win Systems is an industry-leading provider of embedded computing solutions with various benefits such as superb performance, proven reliability, end-to-end support, and superiority at any temperature. Some of the computers on the module include:


The EBX (Embedded Board, eXpandable) unifies the open computer interfaces with a standard footprint. The forty-six square inches of surface area SBC is a great balance of size, economy, and functionality with designs that provide a higher CPU performance and onboard I/O functions. The EBX sbc computers are the most effective size and cost solutions for most OEM applications with higher performance processors, PC/104 expansion sites, and standards-based multiple sources. Some EBX modules include the EBC – C413, EBC-C384-S2-O, and EBC-C384-D2-1. 


Epic SBC comes with several CPU options and provides IO options, including sbc computers compatibility with PC/104 expansion modules. The SBC design eliminates I/O transition cables simplifying the cabling in several applications. The SBC is a compact 115mm * 165 mm, with real-world I/O connectors and support advanced and emerging technologies. Additionally, the system is standard-based with multiple sources. Some of the EPIC modules provided by Win Systems include EPX-C414, EPX-C380-D2-1, and EPX-C380-S. The EPIC comes sized between EBX and PC/104 form factors with a twenty-nine square inches surface area. Additionally, it fits perfectly and conveniently in compact applications. 

3.5 – Inch Single Board Computers

The 3.5″ single-board computers have an MIO extension, low-power Intel Atom with wide temperature support. The sbc computers measure 146 * 102 mm, providing a performance of X86 for low-power Intel Xeon/Atom. The 3.5-Inch Single Board Computers include SBC35-427, SBC35-C398Q-2-0, SBC35-CC405-3845, SBC35-C398DL-2-0, SBC35-CC405-3827, SBC35-C398S-1-0 and SBC35-CC405-3815. 


The FEMTO-ITX has impressive features set into an ultra-small form factor design with an 84mm * 55mm size. The sbc computers module provides a great CPU and graphics performance which is a perfect fit for computer applications that require a small form factor SBC like medical, UAV, robotics, and digital signage. The SBC comes fully compatible with industry standards and features technical advancements for several industrial applications and is highly reliable. The FEMTO-ITX supports Windows 10 IoT Core, Linux, and RTOS (Real-Time Operating Systems). Win Systems provides an ITX-F-3800 with several features, including Intel ATOM E3825 Processor, 2GB DDR3-LV RAM, Gigabit Ethernet, 2x USB 2.0, and 1x Serial Port, 4x Digital Inputs, and 4x Digital Outputs, -20 degrees Celsius to eighty-five degrees Celsius. Operational temperature. The impressive features set in the FEMTO-ITX have an amazing part that is put into the ultra-small form factor. The module has one full PCIe Mini Card/mSATA slot and one M.2 type 2242 with a B-key slot. 

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