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15 Signs to Look for to Tell If a Girl is into You

Women are complex creatures- as what is typically said. Being a woman, I would not deny this. We, women, can be complicated at times but not as you guys think of us. Women end up giving signs that are mostly misinterpreted. 

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It can be a tough call for a guy to realize if a girl he found is interested in him too.  Asking her out the very first time and getting rejected in one go will never be a good idea. This will be the most stupid move to make when you like a girl. Without knowing you a bit she will never be ready to go out or spend time with you unless you are Tom Cruise. It would be smart of you to look for the signs that a girl likes you; I being one of them can help you out with that.

We will start off with how to tell if a girl likes you through her body language. After that we will know some of the direct and other signs you should look for to know if a girl likes you or loves you.

Physical Signs

1. Way of Standing

If a girl is into you, she will stand taller with her stomach in and shoulders back. The first thing to notice is the posture she is carrying as it all says about the interest she has in you. She will feel herself like a model near you and even when she will walk past you or away from you; you can visibly see her doing catwalk. 

Get happy my boy; she is doing this to impress you.

Not only this, the other physical signs you must notice include touching her neck, running her hand through her hair, or unconsciously licking her lips. Let me tell you some gestures are unintentional and she will behave that way only when she is near you. 

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2. Notice her body movements

If her feet are pointing towards you, it can be a really good sign that she likes you. On the contrary, if they are pointing away from yours, she is surely not interested. If you notice her sitting with her legs tightly-crossed, she might be uncomfortable around you. Normally, when a girl sits with her legs in a relaxed position, it can be a sign that she is interested and comfortable around you. A human body subconsciously turns towards the person they are interested in. This can be a sign too! Look out for her body movements while you are talking to her.

3. A Slight Touch

She might blush, smile or step back when you touch her. This is what you have to notice. The way a woman responds to a physical touch is a great sign to know if she is into you. Make sure the touch isn’t inappropriate. 

A slight touch on the shoulder in the middle of a convo will be enough to know her intent for you. If she pulled her away or reacted differently after you touched her, hard luck boy! If she touches you to fix your shirt, accidentally brush your hands or shoulders against hers or firmly punches your arm, I need not say more.

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4. That Eye Contact Though

Eye contacts can be difficult to interpret but once you get the psychology, you will know if she’s interested in you. When a girl likes you she may or may not maintain an eye contact. A confident girl will look at you while you are talking. If she is a shy one, she may find it difficult to maintain an eye contact with you or may look away when you notice her looking at you but that’s a good sign buddy. 

5. She’s Nervous or Shy

If it is just the beginning, she may feel nervous and shy around you. If she is interested but nervous, you may found her touching her face, blinking eyes more frequently, playing with her hair, rubbing her hands together, or compressing her lips. You may even find her subconsciously mirroring your moves or imitating you if she likes you.

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Direct Signs

Decoding body language can be tricky if you are a novice in this field or never had much of girl-friends. Even after her body language confirms she is into you, sometimes they can be misleading too. Just to get further clarity and before asking her out for dinner, it would be better to let her fall for your more. 

1. She Smiles

She will pass a smile whenever she crosses you to make sure you notice her. She may not stop every time to talk to you to not come as desperate. Notice her smile while she’s around you; she may also laugh at your jokes even if no one else does. This can be the signal that she wants you to make a move to take the things forward. But you don’t need to hurry and check for the other signs as well. 

2. She is Different Around You

She may be shy, bubbly, nervous, enthusiastic, out-spoken when you are around. However, this doesn’t guarantee that she has feelings for you; you need to watch out for the positive signs. You also need to know how she behaves when she is around her friends only then you can anticipate if she is trying to impress you or she’s just being real. Also, notice if her friends try to leave you both alone or whispers or giggle when you are around her as it can be a positive sign that she likes you more than a friend.

She may dress up nicely when she is with you but this may not the case every time. If you noticed a positive change in her dressing style, it can be a ray of hope. 

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3. She is all Ears

Now, it is natural that if she is attracted towards you or is interested in taking things further, she will pay attention to everything you say. She will make sure to be a good listener. If in a group, she will make more eye contacts with you as compared to others present or she will try to answer everything that comes from you.

However, if she’s shy doesn’t mean she isn’t paying heed; she just wants you to prolong the conversation as she is too shy to it. You may find her giggling unnecessarily but that is a sign she is liking you company but is shy to make a move. 

If she is busy on her phone or seems distracted while you are talking, you may need to make some efforts to make her fall for you.

4. She Asks For A Reaction

This can be a huge indicator when you are in a group. If she awaits your reaction or she seeks you approval for the thing she agrees indicates she is making efforts to impress you. She may crack unnecessary jokes just to get your attention or looks out for your reaction, dude she is totally into you. To know if a girl likes you in your school, college or office, notice if she tries to initiate a conversation by talking about random things.

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5. She Gets Personal

A smart woman will always try to find out what kind of person you are before she starts liking you. She will not let you know why she is asking a particular question but will keep a note your response. The personal questions need not to be like what’s your motive in life, it can be like what made you choose this career or so on. She will do this to make you open up with her so that she can have a better idea about you. Watch out for the out-of-syllabus questions that she asks and she will ask more of them if she is really into you. Yeah! That’s complicated we women are.

Other Signs

If you are on the third level of ‘She Likes Me, She Likes Me Not’, here are some other signs to go for before you take it further (only if you haven’t got tired going after her).

1. She Makes Excuses

A woman is least expected to make the first move, but she will make sure that you do it if she is interested. You can clearly tell if a girl likes you but is hiding it if she makes excuses to talk to you or to divert her attention towards you. She may come up to you talking about an ongoing project or will ask for help even when she can do it on her own just to get your attention. 

Hey, I found this hilarious joke. Or

Ah! I have a job interview tomorrow! Do you have any advice?

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This could be trickier to know if it’s just friendship or more than that. But if you have just started talking, it could be a good sign.

2. She remembers everything

It is a good sign if she keeps a note of everything you tell her. She will remember your favorite football team and will show interest even if she is not in sports. If you told her about your mother’s birth date and she called up to wish her on the exact day, know that she has started liking you. Be careful to not lie to just impress her because later you may not remember what you promised or said but she always remembers everything.

3. Ask her for help

She will only help you if you are a friend or she wants you to be one. A woman will never take a risk for you if you don’t mean anything to her. You need to notice the efforts that she takes for her even if she failed in that. The efforts matter the most. A straightforward no means she doesn’t want to be a part of your problems and maybe just playing around. Also, if you want to know if a girl likes you over text such as on Snapchat, quick replies are a clear sign.

4. Be Vocal About It

You have checked all the possibilities of her liking you; now is the time to be vocal about it. Tell her directly or indirectly that you like her or tell her you have a special feeling for her. Make sure to not go overboard with your words and keep it simple and genuine. Tell her your clear intentions once you are sure about hers. Girls like guys who keep it straight and don’t play around with words that don’t mean anything. 

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5. Ask her out

You can ask her out to tell her about your special feelings if you don’t want to keep it simple. Take her out for a movie or dinner or go shopping with her, Girls never say no to shopping. You can convey your feelings with a rose. 

But even at this point, be ready for rejection as she may like you but don’t see a potential partner in you. 

Cheer Up, Bro! There are so many fishes in the pool.

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