How to Support a Loved One After Drug Rehab

February 8, 2022

Drug addiction might seem like something that’ll never reach you or your family, but around ten percent of Americans will struggle with addiction during their lifetimes. Making the choice to go to drug rehab is a big one. If one of your family members decides to turn things around, then they’ll need your support.

What can you do, however, to support someone’s recovery? Read on to find out!

Do Some Research on Addiction

The first thing you can do to support your loved one is to make an effort to understand what they’re going through.

Many people view addiction as a sort of moral weakness and not a medical or psychological issue. Taking a more scientific approach can help remove some of the difficult emotions that would otherwise inhibit your ability to care for someone. For example, do a deep dive into how your loved one’s drug of choice impacts their brain to understand how they became addicted and how they can recover.

Be sure to brush up on situations that might trigger a relapse, and keep an eye out for symptoms of relapse.

Be Patient and Manage Expectations

Going to rehab is not a cure-all for addiction. It helps set someone up for success in their recovery, but they still need to do a lot of work when they get out. With that in mind, you’ll need to sit down and align your expectations with the reality of recovery.

Your loved one will likely have a lot of ups and downs in the recovery process. Don’t expect them to have a perfect recovery. Extend them grace where it’s warranted, and be patient when it is clear that they are trying their hardest.

Remove Temptations

Addiction is equal parts physiological and mental. Exposure to certain situations can make it incredibly difficult for your loved one to maintain their sobriety.

If your loved one is living with you or visiting your home, remove any addictive substances. Avoid going places with them or attending social gatherings where they would feel tempted to use.

Instead, place an emphasis on new experiences that will help them lead a healthy and drug-free life. 

Know Your Limits

Keep the phrase “you cannot pour from an empty cup” in mind when helping a loved one with their recovery. 

They need your help, but in order to help them, you have to help yourself first. If you are feeling overwhelmed, take a step back and engage in some self-care. Doing this can also encourage your loved one to become more independent in their recovery.

Remember, Drug Rehab Is the First Step

Making the choice to go to drug rehab to kick your addiction is a huge choice, but it’s also just one step in the recovery process. Your loved one is going to need your patience and support in order to make their recovery a success. That said, it’s critical that you know your limits and don’t bend over backward for your loved one.

Do you need more advice that will help you support yourself and your family? We can help you with that. The rest of our blog has all of the information you need to feel empowered.

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