How Can COVID-19 Impact Your Lemon Law Case?

February 9, 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic, also regarded as Coronavirus, has established an abnormal situation that has affected us all in every way. Are you wondering if you can still file a claim for your lemon law case? What would be the outcome of your case? Although car troubles can take a back seat during the current health crisis, you mustn’t neglect the issues with your vehicle. 

Similarly, you don’t want to put off your car’s maintenance because it could pose a risk, which could lead to further issues that are not entirely protected by the warranty. 

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Below, we have mentioned a few pointers to keep in mind on how the pandemic can cause an effect in your lemon law case:

1. What Should You Prioritize?

During this health scare, you do not need to put off coping with your car’s issues. You can also take your vehicle to many dealers for repairs, and you can stay healthy by following the CDC’s COVID-19 potential risks. We recommend you opt for a free consultation about your lemon law rights over the phone, via a web form, or by email.

If you already have a lawsuit, then you can keep close contact with the lemon law lawyer Los Angeles by phone, text, or email to learn more about how the health crisis will impact your case.

2. Can You Expect Delays?

Please remember, that if you have an open case or intend to open one in the near future, you can expect longer processing times than normal, just as you would expect at the store. And if you want to pursue your cases outside of court, you will almost certainly encounter more delays due to automakers’ office workers working shorter hours or since they are working from home. 

3. How to Follow Safety Regulations During Car Maintenance?

Given the COVID-19 health crisis, you may be cautious of anyone handling your vehicle and, as a measure, may be hesitant to take it in for repair. Your car lease lawyer will ensure a strict COVID-19 protocol-based registration in such cases. The risk can be reduced by following the details entailed in the instructions made by your car lease lawyer

Other precautions that can be taken for maintaining precautions are wiping your vehicle’s steering wheel, door handles, and other surfaces with disinfecting wipes after returning it, as you do with grocery store shopping carts.

4. Will Repair Shops Remain Open During COVID-19?

Given the coronavirus pandemic, you might be wondering if you should even have your car looked at now. Despite the fact that far too many automakers, including the Big Three, have suspended or reduced production, car dealerships, including their repair shops, are still open for business. In such scenarios, lemon law lawyer Los Angeles-based professionals will be giving you undeterred assurance. These nonessential businesses close during the health emergency era, labeling them as essential businesses alongside hospitals, grocery stores, and hardware stores.

If your new or leased vehicle has persistent problems that the manufacturer is unable to resolve, then you might have to catch hold of our competent firm for lemon law lawyer Los Angeles situated. They will guide you towards the eligible refunds you are entitled to under the state’s Lemon laws. You can also stay in touch with a car lease lawyer who handles such kinds of cases. The COVID-19 pandemic has created ruptures in many fields as with other things and only professionals can help people. 

So, if your lemon law case is stuck after the outbreak of coronavirus, you know what to do next!

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