4 Important Lessons for Men with Erectile Dysfunction

February 28, 2022

Often, men have trouble mentioning the word ‘erectile dysfunction’ out loud due to embarrassment over the condition. For many men, it is considered something to hide from other people, as if being ‘impotent’ is like a death sentence or something equally horrifying. In most cultures around the world, men are bought up with the toxic idea that their manliness is directly associated with their sexual prowess. There is also a lot of misinformation about erectile dysfunction that increases the stigma surrounding this medical condition. While psychological factors can cause ED, it is not always caused by personal failings like marital problems or stress. For most cases of ED, whatever the cause is, it can be managed and treated with easy-to-access, affordable, and cheap viagra and generic sildenafil options.

ED Has no Bearing on Your Masculinity

Married men who begin to have erectile issues can start to think that the cause of their ED is because of some failing in their marriage. This is why a majority of men use oral pills, as that gives them a sense of security in bed.

Men who give this misconception any weight can start to manifest their belief with self-created problems in their relationship with their partner. This can spiral out to issues outside the marriage itself, such as increased stress at a job, or feeling like a lesser man and considering themself unworthy of good things until they can fix their ED. In cases like these, therapy can help out a lot, particularly talk therapy. A trained counselor can explain how your masculinity is not due to any erectile problems. Therapy can be especially useful here because by opening up about your ED and your relationship issues in general, you can get past the psychological barriers that are causing your ED. Therapy can also help your relationship, particularly couples therapy, by enabling you and your partner to confront the issues you might be having, talking things out, and trying to fix problems. Neither your ED nor your relationship benefits when you bottle everything up inside and let resentments and bitterness fester.

Intimacy is About Pleasure, Not Performance

If you suffer from ED that comes and goes over time, seemingly without cause, you have to learn how to cope with the occasional bouts of ED. You also need to stop thinking of sexual acts as dependent on how ‘well’ you perform. Not worrying about your performance might help overcome your ED if it is caused by psychological factors like performance anxiety and depression over your ED.

Many couples manage to have great relationships despite one partner who has erectile dysfunction. For couples going through this issue, it needs to be realized that intimacy and closeness are not confined to simply having sex. It goes beyond that and encompasses emotional factors that are not dependent on the couple’s ability to have sexual intercourse.

It Helps to Talk It Out with Your Partner

It might feel embarrassing to talk about ED with your partner, but the truth is that you’re not alone in this situation. Almost half of all men experience, or have experienced, ED at one point or another, and it is not something that needs to be treated like a dirty and hidden secret. You should also be aware of how hurtful it can be towards your partner when you clam up about your sexuality instead of explaining what you are going through. The best thing you can do for your relationship regarding ED is to open up about it to your partner and have an honest discussion. Discuss how it makes you feel, assure your partner that it’s not their fault, and figure out a way forward together.

It is a Treatable Condition

The majority of cases of erectile dysfunction can be treated with medications or therapy. ED medications like generic cialis, viagra, or sildenafil 100mg UK are usually prescribed by doctors as a first-line treatment for ED. These medications have a high success rate and tend to be enough to help overcome ED in the short term. For the longer term, it is advisable to try to get at the root causes behind ED, like physical health issues. These causes may include problems such as excessive weight, high blood pressure, and heart conditions. If these causes can be addressed, ED is automatically treated. 

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